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  • My technical  first kiss was too my mum my first kiss to someone non related to me was on my first week of school i was 5 when i said i wanted to be a cherleader and a boy on my table said he loved cherleaders and kissed me everywhere  (hands, neck, cheak, forhead, LIPS!)  But no toung yet so in my opinion  i haven't had my first kiss. I'll wait till i meet someone really special
    04 Feb, 2016, 10:51
  • I have never kissed a girl but i want to i think im bisexual
    04 Feb, 2016, 10:39
  • I have a large basket of bits and pieces that i keep on tall shelf in the bath room
    04 Feb, 2016, 09:15
  • I'm going to be the black sheep ide recommend seeing a doctor if the hair is in wierd places it shouldn't be
    03 Feb, 2016, 01:34
  • If there jerks from school there probs just playing with yah the same thing happened to me but it was with a kiss try to figure out if it is a joke or not before u actually do it that would be tots embarrassing
    03 Feb, 2016, 01:23
  • I've only used pads (even when I dance). I use StayFree (love them!). I have a medium flow so the Ultra Thin with 2 raindrops work perfectly during the day and I use the Ultra Thin with 3 raindrops at night. I prefer the butterfly ones to the non-butterfly ones because I feel it gives more "coverage"so to speak. Do what you feel most comfortable with. I'm not brave enough in that department to use tampons but either way is fine!!!!
    02 Feb, 2016, 09:57
  • First, be calm. I was 10 years old when I got it but there I have friends who got it at age 15.
    The symptoms you are having most likely mean it'll come soon. I would say, wear pantiliners regularly and when it comes, put a pad on (always keeps some with you). Then, you'll be able to judge if it is heavy, lift, etc. and buy what you need. Secret121's tip about the green tea is really good and I would drink tea or anything calming during your period just to help with the pain and keep you as comfortable as possible.
    You definitly don't want to get your period... and I'm not going to judge you for this but even though you don't get along with your mom, this is something that she should understand and be willing to help you with. You can always try to talk to you her about it.
    Good luck chica!
    02 Feb, 2016, 09:38
  • I wanna ask him to the movies
    02 Feb, 2016, 02:57
  • I've got a box that is big full of stuff I borrowed from my mum shhh she dosnt know
    02 Feb, 2016, 02:29
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