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  • This is what you do, wash hair like normal. Towel dry like normal but leave it a little wet. Get some NORMAL conditioner and get about a thumb nail size of it and run through hair. It is optional weather you brush your hair back I do it make it a little more neat for the morning. Then just do a normal plaite and when you wake up take it out and run a bit more conditioner through it! ~ Jess Curl Control
    13 hours, 13 minutes ago
  • I do have it. I didn't want it but i don't really mind having it.
    15 hours, 15 minutes ago
  • I got my first when I was just 12. I did want it but now I'm kinda sick of the constintally wet feeling
    16 hours, 5 minutes ago
  • Before my first period I got a brown/ red discharge. Most of my friends did too. Hope this helps! 😊
    16 hours, 9 minutes ago
  • l reckon you shood cut your hair it will be a new look and you can star fresh and new PS my name is tamika06 hope you write bake
    16 hours, 9 minutes ago
  • @eagle Thank you very much!!
    16 hours, 26 minutes ago
  • I think that would suit you really well, I think you should go for it, suprise everyone with a new look! Go for it girl.
    PS you are really pretty :)
    16 hours, 51 minutes ago
  • That is the problem there are no sizes for me. The training bra in size L is too small, but the smalles bra size is too big. :(
    18 hours, 47 minutes ago
  • Comment has been removed by author
    18 hours, 48 minutes ago
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