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  • 2 hours, 31 minutes ago
  • You can actually get these ones that have whisper packets so they are quiet, or you could get your friend to keep the hand dryer on or something :)
    3 hours, 33 minutes ago
  • Aah thanks, I've talked to him lately but really brief but I dunno he is quite popular so it's hard for me to talk to him now, don't worry about my friends they have grown up a lot, they apologised but I still bring it up :P
    3 hours, 38 minutes ago
  • Hey girlies! I don't mean to sound weird here but it sounds fun. I haveakways wondered what it would be like to do something like that with someone, I am actually kind of jelous😂 But what do you want to do? If I were you then I would maybe try it and see what you guys do and stuff and then either make the decision to do it together or not to do it. Again all up to you!! What are you guys going to do? Sometimes if you maybe go to intense then you have so much weird things and your bond might stop or something. Again try it and see if you enjoy it, and it's all up to you. If your sister won't listen to you when you say you don't want to do it together, walk out of the room or if you have any friends near your house and they are free, go over to their house. If she just WONT listen, tell your mom!! I know it would be embarrassing but she will put and end to it. But DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO!!!
    4 hours, 25 minutes ago
  • Thanks girls xx
    7 hours, 51 minutes ago
  • u should kiss when ever ur ready I had my first kiss 7 so it honestly depends on wat u think ( btw, kissing is odd but nice)
    9 hours, 51 minutes ago
  • i think you should go for him girl and i think those so-called frends should now be ex friends if you dont mind me saying
    10 hours, 30 minutes ago
  • i do that like all the time
    11 hours, 17 minutes ago
  • Thanks soooo Much I'm asking my sis
    12 hours, 15 minutes ago
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