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  • Wow it must have been hard on you if you ever want to talk I'm here for you
    16 minutes ago
  • Hey Moxy12! How are you oh any way who is going back to school today? Well I'm not I live in SA and have one more week of holidays!(yay)
    23 minutes ago
  • I saw that too. RIP Kendall-Cia
    26 minutes ago
  • You could flush the toilet and while it makes the loud sound quickly rip off the pad/liner. Or even wait till someone else flushes their toilet. Also ask to go to the bathroom during class when nobody is there :)
    8 hours, 0 minutes ago
  • Read over the instructions and you can even look at some videos on youtube of girls explaining how to put a tampon in. Start out with an applicator tampon or a mini one. If it doesn't go in right or something then just relax and try again
    8 hours, 1 minute ago
  • The most common age to get your period is around 12 - 14 so alot of girls in your year would have it for sure. Its completely understandable to be jealous and feel left out but really they would be jealous of you since you dont have to deal with it yet. :)
    8 hours, 3 minutes ago
  • Not everyone gets cramps, completely normal either way. if you dont then your one of the lucky ones :)
    8 hours, 5 minutes ago
  • I think the main problem girls have is that they are scared and tense up. You have to want to put it in. Start of with either an applicator tampon such as Tampax Pearl or a mini tampon such as Carefree. Only try it when your at home and take your time. If it doesn't work then just try again. It shouldn't hurt either, if it hurts then you are putting it in wrong so just try again. Good Luck x
    8 hours, 6 minutes ago
  • I really like them, especially for the price. Pick up a packet and try them since they are so cheap :)
    8 hours, 9 minutes ago
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