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  • There's this one cool girl I know, she replied to a snob who went, " What, you sent your boobs somewher for vacation??", "Yeah, they went with your brains, though. Havent come back yet". Epic facepalm.
    13 hours, 57 minutes ago
  • Cant concentrate on homework. Well, people, you wanna know homework? I had to do 1000 problems in Calc in a WEEK!! They threw us that as a challenge, and we had other home works too and this is was an extra. Many didn't take it up, but I did, and finished it.😎😎. Feels good now. And for homework, we get at least 100 problems everyday. I'm not kidding. We don't get essays or projects anytime. Worksheets, worksheets, worksheets. Always.
    14 hours, 8 minutes ago
  • What is "healthy foods"? I am pretty skinny, but not too/unhealthily skinny, and eat primarily unprocessed foods like mainly fruit, vegetables, and meats, due to my severe allergies that limit my diet. However, this has kept me slim and fit, and has also taught me to always read the labels of foods. I don't know how thorough you are, but just because a food product says "natural" or "healthy" doesn't mean it is. It will help you lose weight if you cut down on unnatural sugars, though fruit sugars are still ok. Your body needs to consume fat to function, but stick to healthy, natural fats like the fats in meats. Always drink water over other beverages. Finally, a heavy weight may be due to a food intolerance, so experiment with eliminating normal parts of your diet temporarily. I know, you may be doing a lot of this already, but as the "eating healthy foods" part was quite vague, I thought I would give you some of my advice. Hope it helps, and good luck! Still, even if you weight doesn't exactly become perfect, remember, you are beautiful just the way you are! :)
    14 hours, 12 minutes ago
  • That's alright. :) Well, I'm going to bed. For the country choices in making my account it only gave two options, New Zealand and Australia. I don't live in Australia but America, and its midnight here. G'night. :)
    14 hours, 34 minutes ago
  • Sorry i made a mistake LOL
    14 hours, 47 minutes ago
  • Comment has been removed by author
    14 hours, 48 minutes ago
  • You are very welcome! If you would like to talk about anything i am more than happy to help! :) Anyway we are the only girls online at the momment. LOL
    14 hours, 51 minutes ago
  • Thanks. I actually haven't ever talked to another girl around my age about this kind of stuff, so this is really helping... :) Thanks.
    14 hours, 53 minutes ago
  • Hi Bella, I can give you some advice. I have recently started my period and i am eleven. Don't worry, if you feel you need to talk to someone find the next adult or older sibling in your family or outside-who you feel you can trust. Try to simply ask straght out that you would like to have a private talk with your Mum. And if this does not work, then you can alwasys ask someone on the internet, like the Libragirl Nurse. (Or someone else for that matter). You don't have to tell anyone but i have told my Mum and she did not mind at all. She went out and we bought pads. Don't stress there are thousands of other girls in the world going through the same thing. If you have any questions i am happy to answer them all. :)
    I hope i helped. :) Good luck :)
    14 hours, 58 minutes ago
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