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  • Movies bowling the park or the beach good luck xx
    5 hours, 56 minutes ago
  • Size 8B from Myer and the berlei online store. You could also try like the factory outlets eg dfo etc
    6 hours, 31 minutes ago
  • 14 & 14 (got it the day after my bday)
    6 hours, 41 minutes ago
  • hey! Well for me, the weird thing is, I always find cinemas best for a first date. I like it because there's always something else happening and the focus isn't on the two of you, and feeling awkward. On the first time you'll always be conscious of the fact that you're with him and only him and that he's probably going to want you to say or do something. There's always a distraction and that can take the pressure off. 
    Although that's just my prefered place to go, it's sometimes not that ideal for kissing unless there are hardly any people in there. Oh and if you're sitting in the back of course :) 
    The thing is, pretty much anywhere really, as long as there isn't a bunch of people around, because that's one thing that definitely makes a lot of people uncomfortable. 
    Just go for it, when the two of you are hanging out (outisde school), somewhere private, it doesn't have to be a fancy date with a certain place and everything, because making it more offical can also make it more awkward. 
    Have you asked him where he thinks is best? See what he would like to do and work something out from there :) Good luck xx
    7 hours, 13 minutes ago
  • Comment has been removed by author
    7 hours, 35 minutes ago
  • Instead of waiting for samples, You can go to coles and get heaps of products really cheap, it's good to be prepared with some full packets of items because when you get it, your going to need more then just 2 tampons from a sample. Like u by kotex often have $3 ultra thin pads and tampons. Also check out the Reject Shop, you can get these bodyform and ultrex pads for like 2 or 3 dollars. It's great, especially for first timers. Hope you find some good stuff.
    7 hours, 39 minutes ago
  • Thx for the advice everyone :)
    8 hours, 21 minutes ago
  • Hey LiveLaughLoveForever!
    Yeeeah I know what you mean but I don't really cutting my hair (unless it's summer I guess), even when it's just for a trim it ends up with soooo much off! And I'm trying to grow it to elbow length haha, it's got about two inches to go :D
    Thank you so much for the links, they're great!!!! I've got a couple of different options now..I've gotta persuade mum to buy them...
    Thank you so much, ily! xxx
    11 hours, 8 minutes ago
  • well, I'm sure some other girls in your grade have had their period, and theyre all going to get it some day anyway! don't stress too much, if that girl can't own up to something she did, or keep personal secrets like that, she's not the kind of girl you should hang around! hope it helps! don't stess, it dosen't help! :-), h
    11 hours, 25 minutes ago
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