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  • While offending them may seem like a good option but then if you do , it makes you as bad as they are. never insult a girls body. you know what it feels like. try be the better person. Everyone is beautiufl in their own way, they are silly girls trying to make themsleves feel better about themselves, some people find the need to put others down in order to make themslves feel better. what others say just shows whats in their heart. i am 18 and i literally have the smallest breasts. lol i wear the smallest size made. sometimes i dont even wear a bra.look at kate hudsen, a beauitful celebrity admired by many and said to be hot yet she has such tiny breasts and you know what having smaller boobs makes it easier to run lol it doesnt get in the way of life. A bully usually wants you to retaliate, they want to get to you, they want you to reply and respond to their emotional abuse. dont give in. stand tall and just be confident in your own skin. never let a bully win by giving them what they want. ignoring them is best, it will drive them insane coz they know they cant get to you. words do hurt, but dont give them the power to. always remember to live life with love in your heart, which means loving yourself. inly yout opinion about yourself matters =)
    10 minutes ago
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    20 minutes ago
  • Well thats perfectly fine, it shows maturity. He can talk about that stuff and not feel grossed out or embarresed. Thats very cool, to have a friend whos so open, in fact your pretty cool to be so open. You dont suger coat anything and your not shy about things, you say it like it is. And that is rare to find. so keep being you. Dont aoubt yourself...girls are a lot of drama. they gossip and can be petty so i understand why you prefer guy friends. they are simple, chilled out and easy going =)
    As long as your comfortable with who you are , thats all that matters.
    38 minutes ago
  • Thanks I totally forgot about km art I'll try to get my mom to go there
    2 hours, 34 minutes ago
  • Hi I like to Rub my clit in circles slowly and watch porn or if you have a detachaple shower head let the water at full speed run on your clit hope I helped! XOXOX
    3 hours, 13 minutes ago
  • Hey I am 11 and I am kina lonely can I talk to yall here. I actually live in the states but i want to visit new zeland and austalia. Can yall tell me what it is like there?
    3 hours, 15 minutes ago
  • I am home now! So I'll start from the beginning of today: I woke up at 5:30 am and went through the to his room, said hi and went back to mine to get dressed. So then Ito dressed and went back to his room, we chilled the er for a bit talking and listening to music then w event downstairs and had breakfast- honey on toast it was sooooo nice then his mum told us to go rake the leaves then set and light the fire so we did that and we had a load of fun doing it. Then we went into the house and grabbed some ice cream and went out to the garage to eat it coz we aren't allowed it so we ate it out there and guess what?! He kissed me again!! I was soooo excited!
    3 hours, 51 minutes ago
  • You are so brave to be having kids at your age. Many girls would want an abortion.
    8 hours, 24 minutes ago
  • hey gurls i'm back
    10 hours, 55 minutes ago
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