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  • Try using a tampon of not already much more comfortable :)
    2 hours, 36 minutes ago
  • Your period can be irregular but for it to last over 7 days isn't normal that happen to me and I went to the doctors and they give you this stuff so it will become regular so if it doesn't go away in a few days I would visit your GP
    2 hours, 37 minutes ago
  • Hey Dancergirl14! If you want to start dating go ahead. Just make sure it's OK with your friends and parents. After all they are the ones you stick by your side. I have a bf and i'm 12 so i don't think it's to young to start. Summer is a fine time to start datting. It means you can see each other at the beach and have lots of fun. Best of luck- Ellie.B xx
    13 hours, 16 minutes ago
  • Comment has been removed by author
    14 hours, 33 minutes ago
  • Thanks xxxxxxx <3
    I hope your current crush likes you back.
    15 hours, 34 minutes ago
  • We could be like the cramp sisters!!!!!! Hahaha😄
    15 hours, 39 minutes ago
  • I'm 15 and have had crushes since I was 11. I liked my 1st and 2nd crushes for around a year, my 3rd for 6 months, my 4th for a couple of weeks (don't know if it really was a crush but yeah), my 5th for 4 months, my 6th for around a month, my 7th for around a year and that brings me to my current crush and I have liked him for a little over 2 months. There is only one problem with my current crush and that is the fact that he is 18. Crushes are a normal part of life and one thing i would say is that if you don't want everyone to know either don't tell anyone at all or only tell a couple of friends you really trust.  I have made the mistake of telling people far too many times and currently only my best friend knows who I like but I am not telling anyone else anytime soon. Another tip is to just be yourself so that if your crush does like you he likes you for you and not the person you were pretending to be.
    15 hours, 53 minutes ago
  • Thats what I do but does not work
    16 hours, 25 minutes ago
  • Btw if u do have sex then have him wear a condom so you don't put yourself at risk for getting pregnant
    27 Jul, 2015, 06:49
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