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  • One of my friends got it two years before she had her first period and another got it one year before so don't worry about getting your first anytime soon.
    5 hours, 24 minutes ago
  • hey i have a eating disorder and my friend told teachers about it and i got help before bad things happend telling someone about your friends is a really ood idea so they get help over here in america in hollywoood hills i have got lots of suporrt groups and stuff to talk with other people like me and have the same things as me and they help and we discus our feelings and e.g but yes talk to someone about it because eating disorders can lead to death health issues and life long complacations so do even if they dont want you to trust me they need help xxxxx
    8 hours, 53 minutes ago
  • I had a friend who was Anorexic last year and you should most definitely tell someone, if you have a good relationship with their parents then you could maybe consider just letting them know that you've noticed they aren't eating as much lately. 
    Maybe you could invite them both to a girls night with foods like pizza, ice cream, lollies, chocolate etc. This might remind them of the great foods that they may have been missing out on. If you have a school counsiller then you should definitely consider talking to them.
    9 hours, 40 minutes ago
  • Thanks for helping xoxo :)
    12 hours, 18 minutes ago
  • Hey xx
    I have the same happen to me sometimes. What I just do is just not text him, and just wait for him to text you first. You always want the guy to chase you, not you chase him. If he doesnt text you, just call him and ask him whats going on. You should talk about what he is doing this weekend, or talk about something you and him both like. Let it roll smoothly and see if he bring up a dirrerent topic to talk about! I am sure everything will work out! GOOD LUCK!! 
    Maddy xx
    Bye xx
    13 hours, 3 minutes ago
  • That is discharge
    30 Oct, 2014, 08:03
  • Just go to your profile page, click on Account Details (not visible to the public) and you'll find the delete function there. LGx
    30 Oct, 2014, 07:05
  • I FEEL UR EMBARESSMENT young (ok 10 whtever) and with big boobs! 
    29 Oct, 2014, 01:21
  • Yea Tht sounds about right 4 ur 1st Period
    29 Oct, 2014, 01:14
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