Dos and Don'ts …when getting your first period.

  • DOwhatever you normally do! So what if you have your period?
  • DOmake sure you change your pads/tampons/liners several times a day.
  • DOtry to exercise if you’re having period pains. It's been proven to help.
  • DOremember to treat yourself to something a little bit extra. Tim Tams anyone?
  • DON'T ever let your period stop you having fun!
  • DON'T think of the red stuff as dirty or gross. It's just blood – no biggie.
  • DON'T be ashamed to talk about it. Half of the population have it every month!
  • DON'T pay any attention to boys in your class making fun of it. They’re just silly little boys – you’re becoming a woman!


  • Sativatc     Posted 19 Jul, 2015, 07:45
    Sativatc Well that stuff is before the blood just warning the blood is really close
  • Roxykat     Posted 04 Apr, 2015, 12:28
    Roxykat Don't tell people you know won't understand or that will telll everyone (trust me)
  • mastercoco     Posted 20 Jan, 2015, 02:13
    mastercoco Do not forgrt to always be prepared for your period even if you have it or not its unpredictable
    Bring extra clean undies,pads,liners
  • prettygirls100     Posted 17 Sep, 2014, 08:20
    prettygirls100 Never in to a pool, spa, or bath when you have your perion because all the blood gose every were and other people can see the blood and the pool, spa, or bath will have to be emptyed, cleand, and refilled again!

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