Bae Goals❤️
Posted 04 Jul, 2016, 12:42
Did you ever have a guy that liked you? Then he moves away to another school and then you start liking him but then you can't communicate because he and you are so far from each other. 
Thats whats eats going on with me. There's this guy I like but he liked me in grade 6 (I'm currently in Grade9 and he is currently in Grade10). He moved out of our Primary school in grade 7 and I really didn't care until I got to high school last year. 
BTW🖐🏾Him and I started talking again at someone's party (irrelevant human) and that's when it took off but he called me every single night in December. Even if he was at a party, he woul check up on me and just say hey. That's when I started to dig him a lot. I liked him in grade 6 but not as much as I do now!😱
But some days I just hate him! But I like not love but like him. A lot🙆🏾
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