Growing up and Growing Love
Posted 09 Jun, 2014, 07:49
Well it all start in my 6th grade year when I started taking Taekwondo classes, little did I know I'll meet a guy that willl be the most important guy in my life. Well me and him became friends right away. By 8th grade year He became my best friend and I started to develop feelings for him, in that same year my parents made a huge party for me because I became a Women no longer a girl! In that party was one my happiest days in my life, he went to my party and well we danced all night long slow and fast dances, we held hands all night long, we were laughing all night long, and my cousins was asking me if he was my boyfriend, sadly I told them he was my best friend, but they still didnt believe me. 9th grade year came(still had feelings for him) and was the last year that he came to Taekwondo but most happy moments in my life for example we cuddle more, we cheer each other alot more, talk through are eyes, lay on top of each other alot more, etc.. 10th grade year came and I stop seeing him or talking to him much, we dont go to the same school and he no longer went to taekwondo for money reason even though he still really wanted to continue. We were still close to each other since we talk on the phone and  message each other on facebook. I couldnt keep my feelings for him in anymore, since I had a huge crush on him. I finally told him how I felt but he told me he was confuse towards his feelings for me, then months later i found out that he did had feelings for me but didnt want to start anything since we go to different schools. 11th grade came we still talk through the phone and message each other alot more on facebook. I went to his graduation and cheer for him. When I saw him cross the stage I realize that I didnt have a crush on him anymore, but my feelings grew to Love. I fell in Love with him! Next year I'll be going to have my prom and I'm planning on asking him to be me prom date, but what made things even better is that We're planning on going to the same college and gave me hope that we can finally be together!!!
  • BrumbyGirl25
    BrumbyGirl25 That is soon sweet. I do Taekwondo as well. I wish you the best of luck asking him to prom!! What did you do when had your period and had to go to Taekwondo?
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