Posted 22 Feb, 2015, 09:04
well i have two friends and like ones a new friend and then my old friend i think got a bit jealous of me and the new friend. So one day when we were chatting, she was like omg you know she (aka me) likes this boy lets just call him W when i trusted her to not tell anyone. :( So then my new friend was like ooooo and then now shes like direct messaging the boy i like without me knowing and showing off.... and she even wants to walk with me back home just so she can see him. ARGH what do i do?!?
  • ninjacat
    ninjacat Don't use physical activity. Just talk things out. This happened to me and it ended up in a screaming competition. Don't do that.Step back and even hang with different people. You'll be fine but. you can e-mail me if you want on
  • lollipopsryum
    lollipopsryum punch her and tell her to step off!!
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