Posted 14 Apr, 2015, 05:00
So I was in yr 7 (which is pretty much a story in itself) and I met this girl at my new school (lets just call her pixie after her haircut) and pixie was SO COOL she loved pretty much everything I liked and hung around with some of my other new friends so for about half of the year we were BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST friends we went to each others houses about twice each holiday etc etc. pixies family seemed so so so let me say it again SO nice. Things started getting nasty when I went to ireland and America to visit family where I bought some expensive gifts that I bring back for pixie. When I gave them to her she seemed very ungrateful later that day I got some time alone with my friends who told me she had been spreading rumours about me and making me sound like a terrible person. My brain did a backflip and screamed "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"  I was SOOOOOO confused! I didn't know what I'd done! So I went to the councelluor but the problems only got worse! The intermediate dance happened (i go to an all girls school so it was with the local all boys school) and I was asked by (let's call him adorable xD) I was hanging out with my friends waiting for adorable to arrive when one of my friends (code name: buddie) boyfriend from primary school showed up. She hadn't seen him in a while and got nervous but some other girls started talking to him and saying horrid things about buddie. Buddie got so upset she walked off crying with pixie following her telling her its ok. I was watching this and ran after buddie and pixie and started comforting buddie. Pixie stood up straight as buddie kept on walking, now alone. Pixie started screaming at me saying I was spreading rumours about buddie so I responded with my loudest yelling voice 'I DIDNT DO ANYTHING!' At this point adorable had arrived and was watching this from afar as I ran into a bathroom to try calm myself down. Eventually I went onto the dance floor and started hanging out with my friends seeing adorable was having a chinwag with his mates. I did this for a while until I decided to have a break and sat on a picnic table outside and half gazed at adorable and half watche- PIXIE STANDING WITH A GROUP OF PEOPLE AND CRYING AND POINTING AT ME. I got sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOO0000000000 mad at her! Long story short i hit her on the back I was so mad then i stormed around before I stopped and started crying so heavily I must've looked like a panda with my mascara! Luckily adorable came to the rescue and brang me to the teacher. The next Friday pixies mum was waiting for me at my bus stop and yelled at me in front of adorable and all my friends. Yeah. This story is getting quite long but thanks for reading! :) something I learned: if people are making a fuss of you just ignore them!      By: Megtheninja
  • Megtheninja
    Megtheninja Thanks! Didn't think it was that great when it happened tho 😜
  • Apple-pip13
    Apple-pip13 Great Story!!! ;-)
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