Sometimes you just have to let go
Posted 22 Aug, 2015, 02:21
I've been hurt a lot of times and I have been used. But this guy to me was my knight in shinning armor at the time. He was just amazing, and I trusted him, I told him everything. he was there for me when I fell into depression and when I was suicidal. We pretty much dated for a month and then he told me that he didnt have feelings for me anymore. It crushed me, but I got over him. We went back to being best friends after that. He started to like this girl that is pretty much using him and i told him. He start to get angry with me all the time. He took his anger at me, called me a whore and other things. he would say sorry and every single time I believed him. I was scared of losing him, so I never told him how I felt or anything, of the fear of him. I was scared of my own best friend. and I know he was emotionally abusing me but I just couldn't let go of him. I still cared about him alot but yet I was his punching bag emotionally. He would talk crap behind my back. and he made fun of my mental problems. He would ignore me to go to this girl. Then when he got hurt he went back to me. This girl would make fun of me, and my own "best friend" would join in and laugh. One moment he was fine but if I would say something wrong, he would just snap and start yelling at me again. Him and I had a friends with benefits thing for awhile because I thought it would make him stay friends with me. I regret that so much and I'm more depressed than ever. today he snapped at me again. Long story short, even if you really care for someone, and want to be friends with them or even dating them. You have to put your mental health before your friends. Sometimes you have to let go of someone because if you don't you'll just get worse. You'll become emotionally unstable and sometimes even suicidal.
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