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  • i have heaps of pimples on my face-which is fine. but i also have sweat pimples on my back/shoulder and all over my chest and below my neck.

    does anyone know how to prevent sweat pimples?
    and why do i get them all on my chest?

    i need help they cover my whole back and most of my front. please i need help guys,
    14 Feb, 2017, 08:55
  • Sorry I don't know about the sweat pimples but for the ones on ur face use face wash twice a day and don't pick them. Sorry that probably wasn't useful.
    14 Feb, 2017, 09:33
    14 Feb, 2017, 10:05
  • I think I can help you? So these are some steps to get rid of the sweat pimples.1. Shower after exercise. Showering helps clean the pores of any dead skin, oil or bacteria that may have become trapped from sweat. 2. remember to wash twice a day! 3. Clean exercise apparel after each use. Bands, cuffs and collars of gym clothes tend to trap sweat, oil and other particles more than other articles of clothing. By wearing soiled garments, you'll compound the problem and worsen the condition of your skin. 4.Keep your hair off of your face and neck for the duration of your workout. Hair can help trap excess oil, dead skin and bacteria within your pores. 5. Start using an over-the-counter acne cream on problematic areas. Daily application of an acne cream can help to dry excess oil, kill bacteria and prompt some peeling. Peeling essentially exfoliates the skin, removing the dead cells and dirt that may become trapped in the pores.

    Hope this helped? ~ xoxo

    17 Feb, 2017, 03:22
  • Hi. I am 13 and have bad acne. I already use two face washes and a Manuka honey face moisturiser every morning and night... idk what to do?! Can anyone recommend any good, cheap face washes? I currently use the Sukin Facial Cleanser, which is amazing for removing makeup btw. Thanks xx
    18 Feb, 2017, 09:20
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