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  • I want a bikini (im 12) because everyone has them and i fele uncomforatable in anythign else. But.... my mom said no till im 15. (shocking i know) She said there are to revealing (i showed her a high waisteted one (no string ones they r tooo much) im not fat or anything either nut she has said no for years... ( i wore them when i was a baby tho) What i dont understand is why i cant wear them when im young but when i older? Because when im older ill really have boobs (AWKWARD) and things like that that the bikini will show off. But at age 12 with little to nothing its so mom wear bikinis so its unfair and i look like im 3 in a halter top and a one pice makes me look fat (im already self concous) (I cany spell) Anyway... does anyone know what to say to her? My grandma is taking em shopping for summer clothes in a week (she sont get me one unless mom says yes) and i really want this cute one from justice thats high waisted (because it comfortable) I literally just told her all of this and she just said no to reavealing...I was thinking of boycotting a bathing suit but the way my mom is she will leave me home while swimming or ground me if i dotn wear it (i dont mind getting grounded sooo anything at this point) Ive even tried one on before and i looks FABOOLUSSS (i have a bit of curves so it really makes me look cute) But she said nope! So yea any help im running out of ideas (this is the 3rd year weve fought about this ever since i was about 10) I have enough money to buy my own buuuuut im sure you can guess what she said...(ps. she lets me wear crop tops amd shorts (no booty shorts) Ad tight shirts and tights and stuff when im doing cheer and gymnastics but ok noo) Btw i feel left out because everyone at my school wears a bikini (even this rlly fat girl wear a strimg one 0-0 ) So yea i need help ASAP ...Im doen now sry (have a good night and congrats if u read all this)
    13 Feb, 2017, 05:17
  • Hi I'm 12 as well and i know exactly how you feel because my mum wont let me wear anything too skimpy either. I guess you should just calmly explain to her you reasons and that u feel left out or just wait. Sorry if that wasn't too helpful.
    13 Feb, 2017, 07:49
  • I am sure she doesn't let you have a bikini for a reason, which I know it is tough, but at times you just have to accept it. Maybe you should explain to her that you feel uglier than the other girls and that you really want to fit in with them and that you are fat. And say to her '' how is this revealing when there is nothing to see?'' and just see what she says? good luck hope it helped. xoxo
    17 Feb, 2017, 03:27
  • maybe write her a really nice letter or something when you ask really nicely to get one and explain why you want one and wrap it nicely and leave it on her bed or somewhere where she'll see it. Otherwise maybe you could get like a monokini, which is kind of like a bikini but its the two piece are connected, but its still not a full piece. hope this helped. x
    18 Feb, 2017, 07:13
  • My mum is the same! Ugh! No bikini until you have big boobs or 16! This is so unfair! I actually have a bikini (it's so cute!) but I have to wear a rashie over it!
    06 Jun, 2017, 01:45
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