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  • I agree, you don't need to have unnatural boobs, but if you want bigger boobs, there is really no way that I know of to do it. Either you stuff your bra, or get a boob job.
    22 Mar, 2017, 08:10
  • You stop talking to them or report the administrator about this case.
    20 Mar, 2017, 11:22
  • I am a guy
    20 Mar, 2017, 11:20
  • I think that you could go with a padded crop top from big w or a sports crop top with more support then a regular crop top good luck
    19 Mar, 2017, 08:40
  • If you feel good in your own body then you don't have to do anything just because someone says so. If you don't you can do what ever you think is  necessary to make you feel good in you own body. I don't know you but I do know that every girl is beauterful and we all come in different shapes and sizes.
    19 Mar, 2017, 01:56
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