um i need help with a relationship situation!

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    Ok i know that everyone has their own opinion about sex but theres this guy and ive known him 4eveeerrrrrr! and we talk from now and then but at the moment where talking non-stop. i think im starting to like him a bit as well but the thing is he has a girlfriend. BUTTT! there's also something else. (and i dont wwant to sound rude or like a slut) but shes fridget and he wants to get up to more than kissing.... then his like would you do stuff with me?!?? honestly i like him and he doesnt know what to think about his relationship with his girlfriend.. and i want to do stuff with him. OMG i dont know what to do?!?!? please help...but please dont judge xo!
    09 Jun, 2012, 06:31
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    09 Jun, 2012, 06:55
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    09 Jun, 2012, 07:00
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    09 Jun, 2012, 07:01
  • btw i dont care what you say just need advice... plz
    09 Jun, 2012, 07:19
  • Heyy, I think just talk to him about it and then see how everything goes. because maybe he feels the same way or maybe it's just a show. There's only one way you can find out and that's ask. :)
    There shouldn't be a problem between you and him afterwards if you're worrying about that :)
    xo Meagan.
    09 Jun, 2012, 07:32
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