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  • Hi, does anyone have any advice on how to ask someone to be your boyfriend?
    08 Apr, 2018, 03:32
  • Hiya gabby924!
    So it is definitely a thing That makes you feel very nervous which you probably already know lol! If I had to say one big thing it would be be yourself and have confidence Dont act or be someone else that you are not because you don't need to change for the people you love😊
    So Mabey you could get a friend to ask him out for you (to save the embarrassment) or you could just go up to him and be like hi (share your feelings) and then say will you go out with me? 
    Hope I helped good luck xxx 
    If you have any questions feel free to ask me!
    08 Apr, 2018, 03:41
  • Hey 
    I suggest to just go up to him when you guys are alone so he knows that it's for real and then just pop the question and say "Hey .......(his name) did you want to go out with me" and then wait for the answer if its a yes and you guys do go out and stuff then tell him the way you feel and if not them just think to yourself that he's a jerk and that your to good for him (hahahh) just joking he should say yes
    10 Apr, 2018, 08:02
  • Hey again ;-)
    I agree with the getting him alone as well jhart7979 that's a really Good point lol. If you ask him and he says no you could just say hahah it was a joke (idk) lol
    11 Apr, 2018, 11:53
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