Boys, does he love me?

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  • So anyone who has read my forum topics knows what happened recently, and last Friday at the athletics carnival there was this thing afterwards and I was with my friends from other districts and my kinda boyfriend was with his and all they were talking about was boys/girls so we were quite annoyed after a while. I went to get a soft drink and he followed me and said do you want to go to my car I’ve got something so I said why not, went there, I asked, what is it, we walked behind the car, climbed up tank/fort thing and he said I have a huge crush on you and kissed me, stayed up there for a while then when we climbed down his friends were quite suspicious, and then it was ohh you two etc for the rest of the night and so we ran to a spot and hid again. Then after everyone finally got over it we just carried on with our friends. Do you think he really likes me?
    05 Aug, 2018, 06:30
  • DUHHH! but he doesn't love you, I don't think. That's a bit too far for this stage in the relationship, see how it goes! goodluck. and whatevr you do. DONT. SEND. NUDES. EVER.
    06 Aug, 2018, 04:29
  • Sorry, I meant to write does he like me at the top, was fairly certain he was into me and stuff, does anyone else have a crushthey want to talk about? Thanks
    07 Aug, 2018, 09:30
  • I would say he probably does like you, if you feel the same way you should definitely talk to him about it
    09 Aug, 2018, 06:55
  • Hi, Tiday he asked me if he likes me and I said yeah and he smiled and patted me on the shoulder. So happy 😀
    09 Aug, 2018, 09:22
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