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  • i told the guy i liked that i liked him after almost a year of pinning after him. he was friends with my friends, he had my number he used to text me and i leave him on read just to see how much effort he would put into talking to me and he would spam me until i responded, sotimes hed text me just to say hi. we werent friends, we flirted, none of our conversations were about anything. everyone said he liked me. after summer break i ended up realizing how much i liked him. i was so invested in the idea of him liking me as much as i liked him. he told me he didint like anyone and i cant even remeber how i responded i ended up crying(not infront of him) by next period he was spamming my phone with texts about how he handeled th situation, the rest of the week or 2 my friends and his gave him a hard time, we had 2 classes together and he always looked so sad he asked my friends if i was doing okay and the fact that he wass acting like he cared made the situation so much more horrible
    16 Nov, 2018, 04:34
  • its been almost a month since the whole thing went down and we hardley talk i catch him staring at me and hes always so polite when hes talking to me im litteraly in love with him and i cant stand being aaround him. i dated one of his friends (a year older then me, so he didnt know i liked the original guy because he didint tell anyone cus hes genuinley a really good guy) and i ended up dumping him beacus im so in love with thw first  guy
    16 Nov, 2018, 04:38
  • im so scared il never be able to love anyone as much as i loved him
    16 Nov, 2018, 04:40
  • He said he doesn't like anyone to show that he was available! I do that all the time. If he did, like you, he was too shy to say it so he did make it look like he was available and u had a chance
    28 Dec, 2018, 07:08
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