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  • so ive had a crush on this guy like forever, and i knew it wouldnt get anywhere due to the fact hes really good looking and popular, and im quite heavyset and not so well known. some stuff happened in 7th grade, we are in 8th now, and hes dating my friend. shes the nicest, sweetest person. so i had some people over and her boyfriend, the guy i like, was there. (this is VERY rare) we were playing spin the bottle and i couldnt bring myself to kiss him cuz i would never do that to my friend. then they changed the game slightly and i was offered the choice of kissing him on the lips or kissing his bestfriend, whos like my brother.i kissed my crush. and it happened again and again until i could barely see. while he was cuddling with his gf on my bed, i was lying on the other side of her, and he put his hand on the back of my neck. i swore i would never do it again, never let him cheat again. and now, a day later, i found myself in the corner of a trailer, sitting in a chair that is falling apart, and kissing him again. its like im addicted. now, the question. should i tell my friend that he cheated and lose her as a friend or should i wait until someone else tells her? HELP
    10 Sep, 2018, 04:43
  • It's probably best that you tell her yourself because if you explain the situation to herself and just be honest, she's going to be less angry. I would also recommend that you not kiss this guy again, yes, you may like him but the thing is he's in a relationship. Even if he's kissing back, imagine if you were the one in the relationship with him and he was kissing your friend or even someone else. 
    Anyway, talk to your friend, be honest with her. She's better off hearing things from you than someone else. It would feel a lot worse if she was hearing about this from another person.
    13 Sep, 2018, 09:06
  • yeah i actually ended up telling her everything that happened and she was mad, but we hung out at a rally that night and me, her and her bf all hugged and made up.
    14 Sep, 2018, 02:26
  • I may not personally know you but I am so proud of you for making that decision because if she found out from someone else then she probably wouldn't have made up with you.
    15 Sep, 2018, 12:58
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