He’s 4 years older than me????? HELP

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  • I like this guy and he is adorable his smile literally lights up the room and he is legit like a puppy he is so kind and the sweetest person I know but I don’t know if it’s okay for me to date him and I really want to, I know for a fact nothing sexual would happen but idk if it’s legal??? I am 15 and he is 19 i’ve read a lot but idk if I can trust the internet so I kinda want some opinions? He works next to my work, so I know he has a job (my friend works with him) we are sometimes working the same days so I go see him he’s so funny and kind, I know he would be a good person, he has finished school so he has graduated from high school but I’m not sure what he’s up to next. Please help would be great xx 
    p.s I live in Nsw Newcastle if someone could help with laws etc
    01 Nov, 2018, 01:03
  • If I was you I would go for it!! You make him sound nice and everyone likes someone nice in their lives 💜💜
    01 Nov, 2018, 01:19
  • Thank you so much 💕💕, I really really like him but I just wasn’t sure. He is the type of person everyone can get along well with and I’m not kidding when I say he is legit the most charming guy i’ve met. I was talking to my friend about the age gap and she said she would honestly be surprised if I dated anyone my age (I have a thing for guys a few years older cus their maturity levels are a bit better and normally less drama) so she didn’t expect anything less. Thank you so much I’m gonna see when he works next I’m might go for it!!
    01 Nov, 2018, 09:27
  • P.s i’ve Never really been one to care for age (as long as it’s legal as I am still a minor), as long as we click well and can understand each other then age is something I don’t really pay attention to
    01 Nov, 2018, 09:31
  • Damn i'm talking to an 18 yo and he's great, 15 here aswell.  Also from newcastle lol i wonder if we know eachother anyways, I think the laws are pretty much it's legal just as long as nothing cheeki is goin on but tbh it's not like cops r gonna come kncking on ur door. I feel u on how u like older guys, boys our age r just so wack. I never talk about this dude cos i reckon I'd get heaps of shiet on it, i feel like everyone just sticks to theirc age group lol \. anywayssss hope youse work out just fine.  hope this helped <3
    04 Nov, 2018, 07:47
  • Bro not like the police are gonna see everything ;) that helped so much ty💛  maybe know each other tho ay idk lol, fr tho boys our age don’t know how to act mature??? Idk but older guys tend to be more appealing cos of their maturity level idek ty for all your help tho I’m gonna go for it I think <3
    05 Nov, 2018, 12:38
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