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  • So I'm just going to explain my situation here...not because I'm seeking help or support, I guess it's just because I need to get my thoughts off my chest.
    A few months ago I got my first boyfriend. I knew I wasn't allowed to date, as I was only 14 (now 15) and still am not allowed until after Year 12 (when I turn 17). But I thought, 'ahh why not give it a try, I mean, mum's not gonna find out is she?'. So I said yes. He is in my class and is one of my closest friends. We dated for 3 months, and talked online when we were'nt at school together. Nothing ever got too serious though, except when we did have deep-ish conversations online. 
    Then when the school holidays started, I asked my mum if I could meet him at the beach alone because the rest of our friends had gone holidaying somewhere. I said he was 'just a friend' and that was all. So, surprisingly, she let me go despite her being extremely protective. We met up and hung around for a bit, then we held each other for a while and got our first kisses. And in that moment I felt love. 
    I said goodbye and came home. Mum must of sensed something and she found out about the two of us dating and talking online (she read all of our messages). Obviously, I had to tell him it was over. I was extremely sad.
    When school was on again, it was kind of awkward at first between us but then we began talking like we used to (except not online anymore). The thing is, we both still love/like eachother very much, but cannot date. It's hard because the holidays are coming up and that means not seeing him for a whole 2 months. And I love school and seeing him. 
    Argh! Life is hard.
    17 Nov, 2017, 11:29
    01 Dec, 2017, 05:37
  • sorry I did not understand! Is this a story about guys or something?
    07 Dec, 2017, 11:30
  • Wow, this is hard, because my parents are exactly like that. XD
    You should take things slowly, but hold on to him and stay friends with him, if you're sure you like him.
    Don't go against your parents' rules, because eventually they'll find out.
    Instead, take things slowly, be friends with him, tell him about your situation, and once you're allowed to, you can date him, if you still feel you want him. :) Good luck!
    07 Feb, 2018, 11:19
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