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  • Me and this boy have been dating for about a year now..I have really strong feelings for him and so does he, This is embarrassing but should I kiss him? I don’t know how to feel about it..What should I expect?
    17 Jul, 2018, 10:47
  • Kissing is pretty harmless, and you gotta start somewhere right? Give it a go, practice makes perfect!
    06 Nov, 2018, 01:15
  • Honestly my best advice would be to just talk to him about it and do it.  I wouldnt nessecarily plan it because that usually makes it stressful on both who are involved, but let him know that its a possibility and that you want to do it if he is fine with it.  You need to have good communication for these things, and its always good to consider how the other person feels.  I think you should kiss him, there is nothing harmful about a kiss.  Its a good way to express your feelings for eachother in a meaningful but harmless way.  
    What to expect-  Dont expect your first kiss with him to be a huge makeout session, I mean it might be if that happens ; usually its just a peck.  But I have learned that even the smallest things, like a peck are different for all people.  Just know that you dont have to be super good at kissing, or some professional.  You will get better over time and its nothing to stress about, you and him will just have to keep kissing and get better and better.  I hope I helped! xoxo
    18 Nov, 2018, 09:01
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