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  • try clash of clans or into the dark, cool games
    20 hours, 1 minute ago
  • Don't have your first kiss with the tongue it is awkward as hell (talking from experience) ahahah you go girl x
    21 Aug, 2017, 12:20
  • It is normal to have a crush part of being a teen, you have to express the feeling you got there. Now that you already tell him of your feelings what is his reaction, if neutral maybe he didn't take it seriously.
    21 Aug, 2017, 05:58
  • Mothers know best, just speak for it maybe she will get mad but still, you're her daughter and nothing can break that
    20 Aug, 2017, 01:28
  • Hi I'm very cautious with my weight. I'm like your siblings, but lately I've gained some weight. Since your a picky eater, maybe find what you like and go into or something and type in those ingredients. Find some nice new idea. You could swap out coco pops for fruit salad and tiny teddys for yoghurt or something. You don't have to always exercise. Maybe get some friends or siblings involved and go for runs or play outside more. Me and my friend coz for runs on Saturdays sometimes. And if you wear looser clothes you feel better anpbout yourself and no one will rlly notice your weight if your worried about what people will think, at least that is for me. If you live close you could maybe walk to shops and school for exercise or you could walk around and eat during lunch with friends. Hope this helps :) be yourself
    19 Aug, 2017, 03:05
  • I think you should wait a little bit. You just asked him and he needs time to figure out what he feels about that. If it becomes more than a week and he hasn't said anything, just go up and ask him how he feels about what you said. If he likes you, thats great, but if he doesn't, then he wasn't worth it to begin with.
    18 Aug, 2017, 11:59
  • Hi I'm 11 and I also have a lot of hair down there my family is just me mum and my sister (I never met my dad) and we have a small comb each to like after we get out of the shower or bath we comb the hair down there. Just saying but it really helps me. If the hair goes to far down my thigh I shave the thigh hair off. Hope this helped! P.S don't shave all the hair off because it is there to help prevent you from getting sexually transmitted diseases xxxx
    18 Aug, 2017, 01:49
  • It could be that you have a bladder infection or that you might be getting VERY close until you get your period! It could be a lot of things but I hope this helps! 😘
    18 Aug, 2017, 01:43
  • The best thing to do is tell her EVERYTHING just let it out of your system. She won't be disappointed because she will help you! REMEMBER THAT SHE LOVES YOU WITH ALL HER HEART ❤️ good luck!xxxx
    18 Aug, 2017, 01:41
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