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  • I got discharge/mucous but I didn't get it again.Then I stopped doing it.But I might start it again if anyone can test it out or confirm it
    11 hours, 43 minutes ago
  • If it is causing you to itch as well it may be thrush, which is a fungal infection but easily fixed with a visit to your doctor.
    21 Jun, 2017, 03:13
  • Congrats!xx even though I don't have one, if you need any advice I'll always be here to answer! Btw, what is a pep request?
    20 Jun, 2017, 11:54
  • im no expert but, I think you should talk to your mum or see a doctor. You might of broken it, might not have, I don't know. Please see a doctor if you are concerned! Hope I helped! Hope you don't have a broken hymen! Xx
    20 Jun, 2017, 11:28
  • Tampons don't hurt but they might feel a bit weird at first but once you get used to them you won't even know they are there. If you think you are ready to wear a tampon start with an applicator one. Applicators make a tampon easier to insert. Hope I helped! Always here if you need anymore advice xx
    19 Jun, 2017, 11:26
  • Here are some ideas about what you should do:
    1. Tell your mum or dad,
    2. Keep wearing pads until you think you are ready for tampon,
    3. Now that you have your period always keep a pad in your bag and change it every 2-3 hours.
    Hope I helped! Congrats on getting your first period! Always here if you need anymore advice! Xx
    19 Jun, 2017, 09:27
  • It's just a vaginal discharge. It's normal for girls who are going through puberty. It means u will have your period soon
    18 Jun, 2017, 01:39
  • No they do not. It may feel weird at first but once you get used to it, it will feel just normal. If it is your first time I suggest using a mini tampon
    17 Jun, 2017, 01:55
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