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  • Yeah I agree with above comments, whenever you feel ready for a bra (or whenever your chest starts developing) its time to get a bra. I was so embarrassed about getting my first bra (I was 11) but honestly every girl goes through it and pretty soon you realise its no big deal
    17 Jun, 2018, 03:16
  • I agree with Shellybelly. Tell him you think hes disgusting and then block his number so he cant text you anymore.
    17 Jun, 2018, 03:15
  • Hi,
    If the girl was friendly before, she is probably busy, or just tired. Maybe ask if she is busy, and if she says no, just try again later and she will probably be more active then. That's just in m experience with my friends texting guys.
    17 Jun, 2018, 12:05
  • I think you should just tell him to piss off. Tell him to back off and that he has gone to far. That's what I would do. Good luck!
    16 Jun, 2018, 03:38
  • Hi! 
    There is not set age limit to when you should get a bra. You should get a bra when you feel like you need one. When I was younger I would wear crop tops and I wore them for a long time until I actually started getting boobs. I went to padded crop tops and then went to the first bra section in target and bought a ton of those. Now I wear wire bras and push up bras. If you feel like you need a bra then go for it. I was really nervous to buy my first bra and walking into the bra section or shop for the first time is quite daunting. Now though I walk in and grab anything that looks cute! Despite the looks other people give me. Go for it! Wish the best for you!
    16 Jun, 2018, 02:51
  • Yeah I just had that wierd reddish-brown discharge today and I'm freaking out right now! Have I started? I have depression and have a lot of mood swings so I can't really tell. Help!
    16 Jun, 2018, 02:23
  • 1. Take all your clothes off, or wear something like a sexy bra or singlet that turns you on.
    2. Lie on your bed, on your stomach.
    3. Roll up a pillow so it is in a tube.
    4. Place the pillow between your legs (tip: open the lips of your genitals so the pillow makes contact with everything because it feels sooooo good)
    5. Begin to either a) hump/ grind the pillow, slowly or quickly depending on what feels best or b) move up and down fairly quickly
    6. Keep going until you reach the best bit. Sometimes you orgasm, or somethimes not.
    Also, to orgasm harder, right before you reach the climax stop (which often makes you moan) and wait for it to drop back a bit before continuing. Do this lots and your final orgasm will be super intense.
    If you can't orgasm, or you aren't feeling turned on you could touch your boobs, pretend your talking to someone or just fantasize.
    16 Jun, 2018, 06:07
  • Mine was when I turned 13
    14 Jun, 2018, 11:39
  • Hello, To me there is no set age it’s when you feel you need it. I had to start wearing sports bras around 12 or 13 and  quickly had to buy a bra soon after. Best advice is to go with what is comfortable! best of luck!
    13 Jun, 2018, 03:05
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