depression. please help me

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  • ive been in a rough patch for the past few months, my parents are close to a divorce, there is a little violence in my family and my boyfriend and i are fighting a lot. I've been thinking of killing myself and tried a couple of times how do i fix everything without the help of doctors and parents. please help.
    14 Dec, 2017, 01:23
  • keep seeing the positives in your life, notice the things that make/made you happy. never give up because honestly, your worth means so much, and it will always get better. talk to your parents, talk to your boyfriend, express yourself, just keep rocking on girl!
    15 Dec, 2017, 09:17
  • Hey, how are u? I hope feel better.
    i know that sometimes life could be very difficult but you need to be strong. You have to think that your life is very beautiful, imperfect but beautiful .
    12 Jan, 2018, 10:09
  • Think positive! Whenever something makes you sad, or upset try to take your mind of it. I like to read a funny book or (if you have a pet) maybe take it for a walk. Just anything that will help you think about something else.
    I hope this helps! :D
    13 Jan, 2018, 01:04
  • Don't worry, I've been there, you will get there, there is always a silver lining, a light at the end of the tunnel. I found talking with a friend helped, or writing music.
    23 Jan, 2018, 11:54
  • alee 03, it's gonna be ok. i know that you feel that nothings going to ever get better but it will! a girl at my school commited suicide and everyone was crying (including me) and i didn't know her. my friend was friends with her and she's still grieving. plz dont kill yrself, bc i know it doesnt seem like it but people do love you.
    "Stars can't shine without darkness?" - D.H. Sidebottom
    "The night is darkest before the dawn" - The Dark Knight (movie)
    And maybe try talking to a counceller? Or a trusted friend, adult, teacher, whatever you feel comfortable with.
    hope this helps,
    29 Jan, 2018, 02:44
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