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  • Hi girls, Do you have someone you really like and wondering if he likes you? If so, I can try my best and say how much he likes you. Answer these questions: Do you thi k he likes you? Is he your friend? How does he act around you? What ways have you touched him? Has he ever said so? How does he react if someone says something abto it you and him together? Background info as well plz. Thanks
    10 Sep, 2018, 12:44
  • ima try this so, 1: i honestly dont know at this point  2:yeah hes my friend  3:hes a really chill guy, but he looks at me and is always smiling around me  4: ive kinda hugged him, kissed him on the cheek, mouth, chest (dont ask), and held hands. he enjoys messing with me by writing on my arms. 5: WELL I MEAN HE DIDNT SAY NO TO KISSING AND HE WANTED TO SO 6: again, chill af but he kinda just ignores it or makes a joke like "heck yeah baby". background info: me and him got into some trouble in 7th grade which ended with the police getting called and a 800 dollar fine( this was mainly cuz of our friend). me and him dropped off ove rthe summer and he started dating my friend 3 weeks ago, and we became pretty close since then. i hung out with him this past weekend and we kissed over 20 times. i told my friend bc i felt guilty, and i got him out of it even thogh he was trying to break up with her. me and him have an unsaid agreement to ignore everything that happens between us, to prevent his gf from finding anything out bc shes the nicest person ever. R.I.P
    14 Sep, 2018, 02:53
  • I reckon he likes you a a lot and is totally into you. if he isn’t with anyone atm you should probably go for it. Hope this helped, sorry for the late reply.
    05 Oct, 2018, 01:09
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