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  • Lots of my friends wear makeup but I don't, what should I do ?
    I want to wear it to fit in but I know I am not aloud .
    06 Aug, 2012, 08:38
  • Hey :) dont bother trying to fit in, be yourself. i started off cakeing foundation and stuff on and realized it got me no where. now i wear none and my skin is amazing. if you wear to much make up your skin can end up breaking out and very bad. its better to show your natural beauty not brands on ur face :D 
    trust me dont wear make up :)
    06 Aug, 2012, 08:57
  • If you want to wear makeup. Next time your shopping with your mum ask her if you can buy some light foundation, just to apply lightly. If she says no, just say that heaps of girls at my school wear it, and i just want to too because im getting pimples and people look at me weird cause i have heaps of pimples and i want to hide them, i promise i wont stack it on like a cakeface. Just to apply lightly.
    Hope this has helped (remember dont over do it!)
    06 Aug, 2012, 09:56
  • honestly i dont undersyand y parents make a fuss bout it, lip GLOSS helps lips like a sheild from dry air so tell ur mum that u need gloss coz ur lips r dry.
    07 Aug, 2012, 09:55
  • DeletedProfile DeletedProfile
    Deleted by author
    07 Aug, 2012, 11:03
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