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  • Just a question to anyone reading this. How come whenever I go on here no one else is on?! Also I’m going into grade 7 this year and it’s really awkward for me to make friends, so any tips there?
    06 Jan, 2019, 08:01
  • Pls reply....
    06 Jan, 2019, 08:01
  • Hey, im going into year 9 (10th year of school) and i remember being worried in year 7 about making friends. Dont stress about it! Go into school and relax, remember everyone else is also worried. Just be nice and start talking! And yes I know there is no one ever on at the same time aha. Its annoying when you live in australia like me aha
    06 Jan, 2019, 02:25
  • It s rare for someone to be on while im on too! But I jsut finished Yr7 and alothough I had 0 friends in primary school, I found that in highschool you tend to fit in with some groups if you try. Good Luch this year
    08 Jan, 2019, 05:03
  • Not gonna sugarcoat it. Seventh grade is rough. But it's pretty easy to make friends, the hard part is holding out through the drama. Just do what comes to you and I'm sure you'll make great friends.
    10 Jan, 2019, 07:26
  • You are going to make the strongest of bonds in highschool so don't worry about not having friends entering the year, think about being a cool person that can make alot of friends (that was horrible wording) And this site isn't very popular anymore. But obviously people still use iit but not many for long amounts of time at once
    12 Jan, 2019, 08:16
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