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  • So here's the thing i've had my period for a while now and i've gotten used to pads but not tampons.
    My mum thinks i'm still young and need a bit of time to get use to pads so she won't give me any
    tampons i really hate missing out on swimming when i have my period and need some advice cause
    i'm scared that putting a tampon in will hurt me.

    Plz advice Asap!!!
    01 Oct, 2017, 10:16
  • IDK how to use them either BUT if u look on the packet of tapoons it usely tells u.....
    06 Oct, 2017, 08:35
  • Use the slim silky ones first. It might be a bit scratchy but you'll get used to it.
    07 Oct, 2017, 09:42
  • Hi, personally I agree with your mother because your still a bit too young (sorry idk your age). However Im gonna be 13 in december and Ive tried using a tampon a couple of times. Honestly it doesnt hurt, but i think it was because i had already tried masturbating around that time. But I really think you should wait a year or a couple of months and then ask your mom again.
    10 Oct, 2017, 03:07
  • Hi, I think that you should just talk to ur mum about it, and tell her that you dont with missing out on swimming and other activities and then she might re think it. Well im 13 and i use pads and yes i feel the same way i dont like to miss out on swimming and other things (Dont know how old you are though???)
    14 Oct, 2017, 05:47
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