I'm 17 and I'm too embarrassed to tell my mum that I have got my period, so she thinks that I haven't had it.

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  • I am too embarrassed to tell my mum that I have actually got my period. I am 17 years old. So, she thinks that I haven't had my period at all! She wants to take me to the doctor to get a referral to go and see a gynaecologist to get some hormone testing done. If I get the hormone testing done, and the results come back, will it be obvious that I have been lying/haven't told my mum yet?
    Thank you for your help, you're a life saver!Someone please answer my question!
    13 Mar, 2017, 03:06
  • OK, I admit, I am only 12, but I know that you should tell your Mum. If she thinks you need to go to the doctor, tell her! She has been through the EXACT same thing. She can relate. TELL HER!
    14 Mar, 2017, 08:35
  • I don't get along very well with her. That's all. My 15 year old sister got hers way before me.
    14 Mar, 2017, 08:54
  • Let's face it you have to tell your mum eventually but tell her calmly relaxed and honestly and just get it over and done with
    15 Mar, 2017, 09:12
  • Even if you don't get along, if she is going to take you to the doctor; TELL HER!
    15 Mar, 2017, 12:47
  • I am a boy and I don't know what a period is. Can anyone explain me ? Even I wish to experience it.
    20 Mar, 2017, 11:28
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