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  • This is really late to this post but I did experience spotting before my first period. It was about a year or so out and it wasnt that heavy. Once I started getting lots more discharge it was only a month or two before it started.
    17 Jan, 2019, 09:56
  • I’m 13 and don’t have it yet.
    15 Jan, 2019, 11:39
  • The cramps are normal before your period. the brown dischagre may of been your period starting or just a warrning sign that it is coming. i would take your period pack to school and wear a pad that day jsut in case. have you said anything to your mum? i get unbearable cramps as well. dont stress too much x
    15 Jan, 2019, 06:30
  • I understand that it may be hard to come out and say this because we are always told to hide it and not talk openly but Your mum has experienced it so she knows that you are nervous about saying anything. If you relly don't want to tell her yet you could, if you had some money, go after school or when you can and buy some. Or even if you want a different way to tell her you could write a note.
    Hope I could help,
    14 Jan, 2019, 08:37
  • As Deep Iris said you cant tell exactly how many months but just make sure you are prepared, and you will have to play the waiting game. I was pretty certain I was going to get mine a year ago but I only got it a few days ago but luckily I was prepared and knew what to do
    14 Jan, 2019, 08:33
  • Don't panic I got mine a few days ago and I am turning 15 in less than a month. If it helps you will often get it within a year of when your mum got hers (e.g She got it at 13 you will get it most likely between 12-14). I had tons of symptoms for well over a year and thought I was broken, but I did get it! Just hang in there :)
    14 Jan, 2019, 08:30
  • I got mine only a few days ago and I am about to turn 15!
    14 Jan, 2019, 01:15
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