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  • Hi!!
    By the way this is my first time posting so if I did it wrong please let me know .so I have a big problem with my period and I need help. 
    I am 12 years old and I think I got my first period on January 5 2018 and it lasted until January 13 2018. I know that seems long but my family typically has long periods and my mom said it was normal. I'm not sure if it was my period though, because it was brown and really really light. There was one heavy day with a lot of blood and some dark red and pink. Also, throughout my period there were chunks. 
    It had been 47 days since the first day of my period and I haven't gotten a second period . About 3 weeks' ago I thought I was pmsing but then I didn't get a period .I spotted pink (just a little) on February 9. I thought I was pmsing because I had tender breasts, a headache, bloating, and gas cramps. Also, my labia had a dull pain sometimes. I heard that is normal for a period, but I got scared anyway. There is no itching or swelling or foul odor or wierd discharge. 
    One last piece of information that is really important. My pituitary gland doesn't work. At all. I have to take shot every bight which acts as my pituitary gland. However, I have to keep a certain amount of weight to be allowed to have my medication and a few days after I thought I started pmsing I realized I had lost weight and got off my medication for 10 days. During this time my symptoms kept going but I thought maybe the wierd hormone stuff with the fact that I got off my medication played a role into my period .
    Thanks for the help!
    19 Feb, 2018, 11:58
  • Hi! Me again. So I just wanted to let you know that this morning I was going from angry to sad to angry - and then I got really sad and depressed. That was the first half of the day but the second half I've been pretty cheerful. Does this have anything to do with pms and periods or am I reading into things? I do have a but of a temper but I never get this bad. My family was pretty pissed at me
    20 Feb, 2018, 12:06
  • Hi, what you are experiencing is PMS. Your first period is very irregular so it is normal if it doesn't not come for a while. Also what you experienced in Jan was your first period. You will probably get your next one soon so be sure to keep a pad on you. Hope this helped!!!
    02 Mar, 2018, 09:30
  • Yeah, don’t worry about it and PMsing isn’t really the best way to ceck if your period is due, I have been on m period now for 3 years and it took a year and a half to be regular and even then it was sometimes early and sometimes not. Don’t worry to much about the details, just be prepared! Your mum seems like great help so if you are stuck you can always turn to her for period help. It will regulate when your body wants too. xx
    09 Mar, 2018, 01:52
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