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  • Hey sooo write your age, weight, how long you have been developing pubic hair and armpit hair, how long you have been developing breasts, how long you’ve had discharge for if u have it, and if you’ve been spotting or having brown discharge, if you have had cramps before, back pain or bloating ect... I will try and estimate when your first period will come! Note: I’m not a scientist but I’ll try my best to estimate the most likely time 😉
    28 Aug, 2018, 10:39
  • i am 11 years old..42 kg..from 6-7 months i am developing pubic hair..armpit hair nearly one year..i dont have breasts till now..its like two buds...thats from 6-7 months..i am having this weird whitish jelly like stuff from 3-4 months in my panties..not brown it is whtish watery...i have this pain in my lower belly every month...nearly between 10-13..then disappears for the whole month..okay?
    04 Sep, 2018, 05:20
  • You are really close!!! The whitish stuff is called discharge and people usually have that for at least 6 months until their first period, but you can have it for any time up to 2 years. Cramps are another sign. Look out for other symptoms, like headaches, back pain, ect..... once you reach 6 months of having discharge then be on the lookout because it is very likely you will start around that time. Hope I helped 🙂
    05 Sep, 2018, 10:20
  • Hi Meghnagd123!
    I'm sorry, but I disagree with XxFP?!
    Most girls have boobs for at least 1.5 years before their periods.
    Also, many girls have pubic hair for at least a year.
    I think you have at least 6 months until you get your period.
    Enjoy freedom while you can, though, because I hateeeee my period. Despite what my username says, I'm actually 13 years old and I've had my period for 9 months exactly (today was my 9 month anniversary of having my period. No, I didn't celebrate. I died because I am currently on my period and cramps hurtttttt), and I despise my period. SOOO, have fun, and enjoy not having to deal with a period.
    05 Sep, 2018, 11:19
  • Comment has been removed by administrator
    09 Sep, 2018, 01:37
  • Hiya XxFP, Ive deleted your post because it wasn't respectful. Please check the site protocols if you're unsure. LGx
    11 Sep, 2018, 04:09
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