What's it like getting your first period? And how do you know when it's coming?

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  • I haven't got my period yet but my mum says I'm going to get it soon. I just want to know what to expect, and what to use.
    02 Sep, 2012, 02:00
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    02 Sep, 2012, 04:11
  • What to expect, like harzipan said; blood on toilet paper/undies, smell etc.
    what to use; look at what ur mum byes so u kno what ur looking for, get a range of pads, liners etc & it will be good to get a mini purse/bag thing to put this in to put in ur bag just in case.
    signs u might get before u get ur period might be cramps, bo, tired, discharge etc.
    02 Sep, 2012, 08:53
  • Hey! Periods are really not that big of a thing! I got my first period about 7 months ago adn all it was, was some blood on toilet paper, it didn't hurt or anything. Before you start your period though you will get some discharge and cramps (I got horrible cramps before my first period, but some girls don't even get them!!). I told my mom that i got my period and she got me some pads. I user a super the first time becasue i was so scared and i didn't know what to expect. Me first period was, rather heavy but im not saying yours will be too! So just get some pads or order Libra Girl's starter kit-AWESOME STUFF!! I wouldn't suggest using tampons untill your period has settled down (meaning you know your flow). It can be hard and awkward having but cheer up, it just means you are a woman and its totally normal! xx Good luck!!
    03 Sep, 2012, 02:58
  • Thanks guys and um Kassi Gloss thanks but um I can look at what my mum uses coz she had her uterus taken out a few years ago due to an illness but um I can talk to my cousin thanks yuo've all been such a great help, especially iNellie because you only just got yours so it's all new to you to. :) :) :) :) :P :P :P
    03 Sep, 2012, 07:18
  • Heey Trinity:)
    I say that I found it quite hard to know it was my first period until I saw it, 'cause I don't get cramps or anything, but the one thing I did get was LOADS of discharge for about two days the week before. of course, I didn't know what this meant until it was too late but if this happens to you then I would advise wearing liners after that for about a week. Also, I always keep one pad in my handbag in a little zip-up compartment 'cause you never know when it might show up!!
    The main thing is to be happy, and to not freak out, becasue most of us do freak out (myself included!)
    Hope this helped slightly
    me xox
    03 Sep, 2012, 10:17
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