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  • Hey everyone 
    At school I have having been some problems😢
    So recently a new girl came to my school and was put in my class. When I had the chance I went over to her and said hi I'm (my name) and told her if she needed to know anything (like how to get around the school,where things were) I said I would help her so I then left her alone. We then had sport and she had nowhere to go as we had chosen our sporting groups and what we were doing I went up to a teacher and got her into the sport she wanted she didn't thank me but I was fine with that because she was only new and I guess she didn't really wanna talk (if it were me I would have said thank you but everyone is different) anyway at break I offered to hang out with me and my friends but also gave her the option not to. In class she started talking to all my friends and not me that kinda upset me as I was the only one who showed her around and helped her throughout the day. The next day a girl in my class came up to me and said the new girl had called me gross annoying and a couple of other words I can't even say(to rude). In that day she continued speaking behind my back and another girl told me the words she had called me. 
    I really don't know what to do please help!
    31 Mar, 2018, 07:09
  • Someone please help!
    02 Apr, 2018, 12:48
  • Hi Butterfly_Girl!
    That's good that you were nice to her, but not everyone is nice back. :)
    You shouldn't worry about it, unless she bullies you, it could be verbally or socially maybe, like talking behind your back or spreading rumours about you, but you could try talking to her, or if she doesn't talk back to you, maybe you could talk to one of your friends who is friends with her, or one of her other friends, and ask them to talk to that girl about it.
    Whatever you do, try to talk to the girl about how you feel, and maybe that could clear some air, instead of doing nothing.
    I hope I helped, let me know how it goes. Good luck! :)
    04 Apr, 2018, 03:41
  • Hiya yes I defiantly agree not everyone is nice. Well yeah she has spoken behind my back a few times to different people and who knows who else. I have sorta tried to communicate with her by sending her a note it said like I'm really sorry if I did anything wrong I hope we can still be friends I asked for an answer and she said I don't know so anyway who cares if she is not gonna be nice to me I'm not trying to be nice to her lol. So I went to school and she just ignores me like we don't talk she sometimes looks at me and it's really awkward because we share the same friends.So I don't know if I should talk to her again or just leave it. Thanks heaps for helping out.
    05 Apr, 2018, 01:07
  • Butterfly Girl, this girl seems quite mean. It's great you were nice to her, but some people are just rude. If you are really nice to her for longer, she might feel guilty or you could get your friends to tell the girl that what she's saying about you isn't cool and she should stop. She will probably feel guilty about it. Then after that, talk to her again (nicely) and she will probably feel really embarrassed and although she won't confess to you, she will probably a. be nice to you or b. leave you alone.
    Hope this helped,
    From Gabby :)
    05 Apr, 2018, 10:48
  • I think you should ignore her. This happened to me. It sucks and makes you feel bad and angry or upset, but she isn't worth it if she's so shallow to talk stuff about the one girl that helped her. You sound like a very nice girl and you shouldn't let her bring you down x
    05 Apr, 2018, 11:22
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