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  • Hi, this year is my first year of high school but I thought it would be amazing.but so far I have been bullied and left out wich has lead to having low self esteem and I feel like no one cares about me.if you have any tips pls share😔
    08 Feb, 2017, 11:16
  • heyyyy. i understand your problem. but if you are bullied, then you have to take action. make sure you tell a teacher/parent. and don't put yourself down. no one is perfect, and you should be proud that you are on this earth, healthy and living. and if no one talks to you, give it time. because remember, that the problem is that people are being hated on when they are real, and loved when they are fake. hope this helped. oh and remember, you're beautiful just the way you are
    09 Feb, 2017, 06:53
  • Thank you so much this rlly helped
    07 Mar, 2017, 09:17
  • @Bbost13 I'm in my first year of highschool as well my self esteem is very very very low I have trouble going to school but i mean to go but when the day comes I can't do it
    I also have depression anxiety which makes stuff hard sometimes so having low self esteem I feel for you a lot
    18 Mar, 2017, 05:08
  • Hey girl I understand, if you are being bullied go tell a teacher or someone you trust because you shouldn't be getting bullied and I don't really know you but I do know that you will make friends you just have to find the right ones that will encourage you not put you down.
    19 Mar, 2017, 01:51
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