How to be a Good Kisser - Step by Step Kissing Tips - Libra Girl

Step-by-step guide to your first kiss

Brush your teeth if you think there’s kissing on the horizon. Your mouth’s not a take-away restaurant.
Relax if you forgot to brush your teeth. They probably did too!
Look into their eyes, lean in and . . . just let it happen naturally.
Kiss the lips, both of them, then one at a time, then both again.
Trust your instincts. You make it up as you go along every time – that’s what makes it fun.
Don’t feel pressured into it. If you’re not into it, it’s gonna suck anyway! It takes two people to kiss.

  • Horsegurldev     Posted 18 Jul, 2014, 07:49
    Horsegurldev I have got a crush on a really cute boy we go horse riding all the time and we talk and talk that's it
  • elibeth12     Posted 15 May, 2014, 04:19
    elibeth12 Ew gross
  • TheCorrections     Posted 06 Apr, 2014, 05:35
    TheCorrections It just happens.
    My first kiss was unexpected and I was worried really bad and I had no time to prepare, yet it turned in a makeout session.
    My second kiss was unexpected yet again, but I knew it was going to happen so I did have time to prepare.
    In all it happens, like everything falls into place.
  • Faye Salvatore     Posted 23 Jan, 2014, 10:47
    Faye Salvatore Oooh that's so hart cause i'm shy and my boyfriend... !!
    Oh hahahaha
  • emsy4uxox     Posted 27 Dec, 2013, 02:30
    emsy4uxox if the boy starts toung, just go with it gurls!
  • Parisina     Posted 08 Oct, 2013, 10:00
    Parisina I hate it when you eat onion and you like kiss some1 and you cant help but think are they smelling it or like awkward moment if they can smell it...

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