Frequently asked questions
The thought of kissing can be Terrifying. Whether it’s your first kiss or even just beginning thing, it’s always a bit awkward. Any niggling questions on your mind? Ask away! Just check first to see if your question has already been answered………
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Questions and answers

  • QUESTION I haven’t kissed a boy yet, when I do, should I turn my head to the left or the right?
  • ANSWER There’s no right or wrong time to kiss a boy for the first time. Just go with your instinct and it’ll just feel right when the time is right. When it does happen, there’s no rule on which way to tilt your head. If you can, just be aware of where both of your heads are and adjust your position so you don’t bang heads – but even if you do, it doesn’t matter! You can laugh it off and get back to where you were up to.
  • QUESTION Can you still kiss someone if they have braces?
  • ANSWER Braces aren’t a sentence to never be kissed! But a little extra care is advised. Kissing too hard or rubbing against them with your lips or tongue might cause abrasions. So yes, go ahead and kiss, but be gentle.
  • QUESTION How long should a kiss last for?
  • ANSWER Some kisses are short and sweet, others are long and passionate. There are no rules. As long as you’re both enjoying it, it can go on for as long as you like.
  • QUESTION Who should make the first move? Him or me?
  • ANSWER If you’re feeling confident that the feeling is mutual, there’s no reason why you can’t make the first move. Boys can be just as shy as girls – and most of them will really appreciate you taking the initiative.
  • QUESTION I’ve seen in the movies that when people kiss, they close their eyes, should I do the same?
  • ANSWER Some people like to close their eyes when kissing so they can focus on the feeling. But it’s up to you. Some people like to look into the other person’s eyes – although that close, it’s hard not to get cross-eyed!
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