Dos and Don'ts …for your first kiss.

  • DOit coz you want to, not coz you think you should.
  • DOremain calm. There’s no screaming hurry.
  • DOclose your eyes. Gazing into each others eyes can be romantic, but not from the distance of 1.5 cm . . .
  • DOIT! :-)
  • DON'T go too crazy with the tongue action. It's a tongue, not a pool cleaner.
  • DON'T cough. Or sneeze.
  • DON'T worry about where to put your hands. It’ll figure itself out.
  • DON'T think too much. Just relax and go with the flow.
  • DON'T rush it. Nobody likes clashing teeth.


  • makayla09     Posted 25 Jan, 2016, 04:16
    makayla09 i have never kissed a guy before. when your kissing him do you close your eyes? like if u had your eyes open while u were kissing him is that like not how you kiss? vwould it be really weird? or is it only somtimes you close your eyes? and also are you suppose to breath out of your nose when your kissing him or hold your breath?
  • mialittle     Posted 21 Aug, 2014, 11:22
    mialittle My  boyfriend aaked me to kiss him like make out with him and i said yes but when  it came to the point I started freaking out and text him and said I was at my cousins so I couldn't come I was so nervous and then we broke up
  • SisterMax     Posted 03 Dec, 2013, 01:11
    SisterMax How do you get a boyfriend to kiss? lol
    But seriousy i so want a boyfriend. Theres a cute guy at my school who acts like he likes me and i really like him. I mean we were friends a couple years back and my friends thought he had a crush on me. Then he switched schools. Now were both in the same school and he still acts that way exept now we dont talk. Im homeschooled and go for lunch there and clubs an see him at local events. Help!!!
  • ray1212     Posted 01 Dec, 2013, 04:31
    ray1212 just go with the flow! 
    im a control freak and i thought i was doing the whole kissing thing all wrong but it turns out he enjoyed it and i wasent a bad kisser after all! :)
    just relax and have fun because it comes naturally
  • sexy1     Posted 13 Oct, 2013, 05:53
    sexy1 do i kiss him first or do i let him kiss me????? i dont know what his reaction will be when i kiss him
  • Haylee_p     Posted 17 Aug, 2013, 01:07
    Haylee_p You can't prepare yourself girls. It will happen when it happens. Don't settle for a loser, plus whoever your kissing will probably be as nervous as you will be. Don't stress, the average human will kiss over 35,000 times in their life!

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