My first kiss <3
Posted 16 Apr, 2018, 01:19
So im turning 13 in november and my first kiss was with my boyfriend last year. Me and him were both moving towns ( both to the same town as well lol) and the day after grade 6 grad we went to the shops with 3 of our friends and at the end they all kept telling us to kiss and they were all like nah they wont do it and she wont do it and stuff and i was yea i will alright. But tbh i was rlly nervous and i didnt know how to kiss good or properly or anything. Then when we got outside maccas my friend was like come one lilly just kiss him his mums around the corner. So we stood there looking at eachother and it was the most awkward short kiss ever! We lasted 3 months and after our first kiss we kissed heaps of other times when he came over or we went to the park or something and they werent awkward. Now im not really nervous to kiss any boy or anything so im glad i had my first kiss with someone who was also having their first kiss as well so it wasnt as awkward.
  • K.A O.O
    K.A O.O You were smart to make that decision to kiss someone who was also having their first kiss. I mean, now you guys both know what it's like, and you can learn on making it better? I think, lol... I haven't had a first kiss, or a boyfriend. But I think, you now having experience and friends who nudge you is pretty cool. I don't plan to kiss or date anyone. And guess what? I'm turning 13 this year too! Your lucky to have had a boyfriend at 12, I don't pln to have one for a while.
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