The best moment of my life
Anonymous user
Anonymous user
Posted 24 Dec, 2017, 06:02
OMG OMG YOU WOULD WANT TO READ THIS! So i have this hugeeeee crush this really really hot guy which obviously is so much hotter than all of the other guys in the school. probably in the world too. Anyways he asked to meet up with me last night. Obviiii its a hugeee date. So I put on my best plaid skirt with high stockings matched with bright pink pumps. Also my top has black and white stripes with huge cute embrodery hearts. I had my hair up in two pig tails on both sides of my head and slashed on bold blue eyeshadow with bright blue lipstick. I looked soooo pretty. When he arrived at my house, instead of meeting up with the rest of our group, i told my mum to say that she doesnt have her driving licence so she cant drive us to the mall! I know right! im just so smartttt! Anyways he was very disappointed and I persuaded him to stay cause seriously who wouldnt want to get a load of meee! So I put on my favourite movie Padington bear because i wanted to look cute and scared so he could hold me in his lanky arms like superman. during the movie i acted all scared and he totes believed me. when he was leaning away from me, i decided to close my eyes and lean in. when suddenly i farted so hard i thought i nearly pooped my pants! I was so embarrassed but so confident because boys always act like tis and see who can be the grossiest. So obvi i definitely won! I know i am so proud of myself like you should have seen the look on his face! he was totes disgusted! lol. so i kept leaning in and tried to kiss him but i missed him when he stood up and ran out the door. I was totally shocked! but i know he is so into me! because everyone wants me! Hes just playing hard to get! 
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