Left out
Posted 31 May, 2012, 02:38
I’m 15 now and ALL of my friends have their period. They keep talking about what it’s like and what pads they use. I feel really left out whenever they talk about it. They must think I’m so weird because I don’t have it yet! God I hope I get it soon!! I feel like every time I go to the toilet I think about whether I’ll have it yet!
  • ninjacat
    ninjacat I got mine ysterday and it sucks. Trust me your lucky. They are only trying to think happy thoughts about it. Don't worry. It'll come. And when it does. You'll know how much it sucks. But be prepared. Have stuff in your bag and locker. You'll be fine :)
  • caro34
    caro34 yea i know how you feel, it completelt sucks, im 14 and still dont have it and all my friends have it. some of them are cows about it and say that its the first step into womanhood and say ur not really a woman till u have it. *wanting to slap them*
  • blingblingbambam
    blingblingbambam don't be dissapointed my besties got theirs when they were 9 and i haven't got mine yet and i'm only 10 i don't want to get it cause they talk about how they were up the whole night because of period pain and they say it's so annoying how they cry at almost everything
  • Adorable daisy
    Adorable daisy Your not missing anything having your period is an absolute pain count yourself lucky
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