Dos and Don'ts …when getting your first period.

  • DOwhatever you normally do! So what if you have your period?
  • DOmake sure you change your pads/tampons/liners several times a day.
  • DOtry to exercise if you’re having period pains. It's been proven to help.
  • DOremember to treat yourself to something a little bit extra. Tim Tams anyone?
  • DON'T ever let your period stop you having fun!
  • DON'T think of the red stuff as dirty or gross. It's just blood – no biggie.
  • DON'T be ashamed to talk about it. Half of the population have it every month!
  • DON'T pay any attention to boys in your class making fun of it. They’re just silly little boys – you’re becoming a woman!


  • Alyssa23     Posted 18 Jun, 2018, 09:10
    Alyssa23 me and my friends name for it is coconut
  • Alyssa23     Posted 18 Jun, 2018, 09:09
    Alyssa23 im 10 YEARS OLD
  • libragirl81     Posted 11 Jan, 2017, 11:45
    libragirl81 My friend call blood "tomato sauce"
  • Rad_Watermelon     Posted 15 Sep, 2016, 09:22
    Rad_Watermelon blood is gross though

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