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  • QUESTION I am 16 and don’t have my period yet. What should I do?
  • ANSWER Every girl develops physically, at a different rate. Some girls start their periods at ten years of age and others do not start until they are sixteen. Many things influence menstruation such as your genetic make-up. Ask you Mum, aunts and other female relatives how old they were when their periods started. This can be a good indication of when you can expect your period. Other questions to ask yourself to give you a better indication are:
    Have your breasts started to develop?
    Do you have other signs of physical development such as underarm hair or a clear discharge from your vagina?
    Remember, your body ticks to its own clock and nothing will rush it. Stress, such as a heavy workload, exams etc can put the brakes on menstruation. Also, excessive dieting can stop the period process. A balanced diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables is really important. Excessive exercise can also stop menstruation.
    As you can see there are lots of reasons why your periods haven't started the biggest probably being that your body isn't quite ready. If you are worried see your doctor or go to a family planning clinic.
  • Cutiegirlxx
    Posted 26 May, 2017, 07:04
    Cutiegirlxx I got my period at 12 ( I am still that age I got it in April!) my mum got hers when she was 13. Some girls will be genetic and others won't, my friend got hers at 11 her mum got it at 17. My grandma got hers at 18 ( mind you she's 91) and as you know my mum got it at 13. 
    If you do want to get yours ty this: ( it worked for me) drink 3 cups of green tea for 5 days. On the fifth day drink 2. While you drink this drink parsley tea as well ( don't add honey to parsley tea). You'll either get it 1-2 days after doing this!!
  • Ameliamae.xo
    Posted 18 Aug, 2016, 12:41
    Ameliamae.xo I got my period at 11 and my mum got hers at 13/14 so don't rely entirely on genetics. Don't stress, enjoy your free time haha, it's nothing special. ☺️
  • Sassypantz03
    Posted 29 Oct, 2015, 06:18
    Sassypantz03 go 2 the doctors
  • stormer112
    Posted 22 Oct, 2015, 11:28
    stormer112 i was 11 when i got my first period.
    it relly runs in genetics and when all the other people in your family had their period most times.
  • alanarose_01
    Posted 14 Sep, 2013, 07:43
    alanarose_01 Don't worry! Ask your Mum or a female family relative when they got their period and maybe that will help you out!
    Hope this helps!
  • DeletedProfile
    Posted 22 Sep, 2012, 12:42
    DeletedProfile Deleted by author

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