Question and answer
  • QUESTION How old are you when you get your first period?
  • ANSWER Some girls start as early as 9 or 10, others not until they are 15 or 16. The average age for starting menstruation is 12.5 years of age. Your period will come when your body is ready. The age when your period starts is determined by your genes, which you inherited from your parents. Have a chat to mum and any aunts and ask them how old they were when they started their periods and this will give you an idea of when yours might start. Remember you also inherit genes from your dad's side of the family so ask aunties and cousins on that side of the family too.
  • flicko
    Posted 21 Jun, 2017, 12:32
    flicko Hi I'm Flicko umm I'm really nervous about my period and got my first one yesterday. I don't really like to talk about it. 😕
  • Tay_Tay_2006
    Posted 29 Nov, 2016, 04:10
    Tay_Tay_2006 Hi, My name is Tyra I am 10 yrs old and just got my first period today!
    You can start as early as me or as late as 16. Take your time and don't force it, remember there's no planned date of when you will have your period.
  • Char10
    Posted 08 Oct, 2016, 12:36
    Char10 I got mine when I was 11
  • mooni26
    Posted 15 Nov, 2015, 11:50
    mooni26 Im 13, and my mum and my sister got theirs when they were 13, so Im really anxious about when it will come.
  • Cherrybubblegum666
    Posted 06 Sep, 2015, 03:36
    Cherrybubblegum666 I have not got my period yet and I'm 12.1 so I might have it soon because my mum and sister had there's at 12.5
  • Lartarliah
    Posted 22 Jul, 2015, 06:12
    Lartarliah I'm 8 and I have my period

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