Question and answer
  • QUESTION Is there any way of getting rid of periods for good? It’s so revolting and such a nuisance.
  • ANSWER Many of today’s contraceptives reduce the flow of blood, so that you will sometimes barely notice you’re having a period. But there’s no way of getting rid of your periods for good.
  • SkeenJess
    Posted 25 Oct, 2016, 09:36
    SkeenJess I hate it but if you want a child have a child and then when your finished you get your tubes tied in surgery it's what i'm most likely to do
  • milz222
    Posted 15 Jul, 2014, 01:51
    milz222 i hate mine i am lucky mine only lasts like 4 days
  • Dancer<3
    Posted 31 May, 2014, 03:22
    Dancer<3 When you have met a nice husband and want kids then you won't say that :) x
  • Abi-in-oz
    Posted 11 Jan, 2014, 11:10
    Abi-in-oz Me and my friends always really wanted our periods I don't know why cause I just got mine and I hate it it's super revolting and gross. 😱😪😖
  • Claudia_mack
    Posted 28 Feb, 2013, 02:15
    Claudia_mack I know it's a pain but at least you have the piece of mind that u may someday have a baby.
  • farnorth_girl
    Posted 22 Oct, 2012, 02:37
    farnorth_girl Same here ! I hate periods :O

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