Question and answer
  • QUESTION What if I get my period and I’m at school without any protection?
  • ANSWER You can always ask a friend if they have a pad or a tampon or go to the school nurse or a teacher. Most schools hold spares, just in case. In the meantime, a folded piece of tissue or toilet paper placed in your underwear will often get you through. If you know you are expecting your period, why not use a Libra Extra Thin liner just to be sure? Remember to have some Libra girl regular pads in your schoolbag just in case. Wearing a liner can be good on days when you think you might get your period.
  • eagle
    Posted 04 Aug, 2015, 09:56
    eagle Everywomen gets it so don't be afraid
  • Milliemac3
    Posted 01 Jul, 2015, 01:29
    Milliemac3 Don't worry I got my period at school and I didn't want to ask a teacher so I told my best friend and because she is really open about it she told a year 8 girl that she had her period and needed to borrow one and got me a pad. If you don't want to tell a teacher just let a friend know and they will be happy to help you. ❤️
  • shannondoherty
    Posted 09 Sep, 2013, 10:46
    shannondoherty most of the time lady teachers have them since they get their period too. never be afraid to ask:) it would be a good idea to keep some pads or tampons in your bags :)
  • girl10
    Posted 28 Oct, 2012, 01:32
    girl10 Dont worry at all!!! 
    I got my period at school, and i was to scared to go and ask the office lady's cuz they are usually really mean... 
    but honestly i just went up and said do you have a spare pad i could have... and they were so nice about it.. she was like oh of cause darling. right around here. 

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