Question and answer
  • QUESTION What is a period and why do we have them?
  • ANSWER Your period is when the lining (blood) of your uterus drips down your vagina. After you have gone through puberty, each month your body prepares to get pregnant. Your female hormones rise telling your uterus (womb) to thicken its lining with blood to get ready for pregnancy. When you don't get pregnant, the lining comes away and that blood is your period.
  • mwah xxxx
    Posted 09 Jun, 2016, 03:00
    mwah xxxx 0kay so everyone gets their period as most of us should know..
    i have seen some comments about people saying why would we want kids at our age [10,11,12,13,14] well some people do as other don't... i know about 6 girls who have been pregnant by the age of 12/13...
  • Galaxi_Wolf
    Posted 20 Apr, 2016, 09:20
    Galaxi_Wolf I haven't had my period yet and I don't know what to expect. Please tell me about what they are like, I am very worried about mine!
  • Vinti SHIRON Prakash
    Posted 25 Sep, 2015, 06:28
    Vinti SHIRON Prakash true, guys im on twitter follow me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz
  • Possum Girl
    Posted 04 Jun, 2015, 09:43
    Possum Girl What are the signs of periods? and when do most people get them?
  • Princess255
    Posted 26 May, 2014, 01:06
    Princess255 This is what I've been told that, you can have a child but you shouldn't really be having one at your age though
  • Cassiefoshizzle
    Posted 21 Mar, 2014, 12:23
    Cassiefoshizzle My least favourite word I ever heard: Sloughed. Upon failure of fertilisation of the ovum, the corpus luteum dies and your hormone levels consequently change, which causes the cells in the lining of your uterus to die, they are then 'sloughed' off. The increased blood vasculature in this area is torn when this happens and therefore you bleed. You get your period younger than the typical child bearing age because it needs to adjust to the change. I know this is designed for younger girls, but that is a terrible explanation of periods.... But then again 10 is very young.

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