Question and answer
  • QUESTION Will anybody know I have my period?
  • ANSWER Unless you tell them no one will ever know you have your period. If you're worried about people seeing your pad, try Libra girl regular pads. You'll get all the protection of a regular pad without the bulk. Otherwise there's nothing more discreet than Libra tapered design tampons.
  • Sarahcass
    Posted 12 May, 2016, 12:16
    Sarahcass Comment has been removed by author
  • Jessica_😊 x
    Posted 26 Oct, 2015, 11:54
    Jessica_�� x No unless you leak and people see or you tell people
  • simplygigi
    Posted 15 Jun, 2015, 01:12
    simplygigi I've had doubts too! But I also recommend asking your mum if you are able to see your pad through your clothing. Mums are always there and know best!
  • ItsJustMe
    Posted 30 May, 2013, 10:40
    ItsJustMe Good info Hayley100! I ask my teacher privately before I change my pad. I use the Libra™ Invisible ones so nobody can see my pad! Also, you have to be careful who you tell about your period. Telling too many people is a very bad idea because someone coild tell their friends, and they could tell their friends, and on and on. It could lead to someone telling the boys!!! Also, pick reliable friends; once my friend told our other friend her crush. Then our other friend told this nasty girl my friend's crush and then she ended up telling my friend's crush that she likes him! So you have to be careful who you tell. I have only told three reliable friends, and one of them (my very close friend) are going through the same stages so....yeah.
  • Hayley100
    Posted 20 Oct, 2012, 02:53
    Hayley100 it depends i have mine and i only tell the friends i can trust and if u are at school getting a pad out of your bag someone could see but you should tell a teacher about it so then she knows :)

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