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  • Anonymous user
    1 comment Posted 26 Jan, 2018, 03:33
    ANONYMOUS USER How do I masturbate? I can't find the right hole or the hole seems too small. I am afraid to break the seal. How do I go about a first kiss or first time having sex, it seems awkward and that I am the only virgin
  • Libra Girl Nurse
    To learn more about yourself you need to grab a mirror, find a private place and time, and have a look. You have 3 holes, your rectum at the back, your vagina in the middle, and your urethra (where the urine comes from) towards the front, protected by your labia and very small, so easy to miss. When you masturbate, you touch different areas of yourself, like your breasts, between your legs, and do what every feels good and you're comfortable with. Touching yourself is also way to learn about what you do and don't like, but you need to remember that not every day is a good day for masturbating, so days we're turned on easily, and on others we're not, and that's fine.
    As for kissing and having sex for the first time, you're overthinking things a bit. It's always going to be a bit nerve wracking, but it sorts itself out, and worrying about something that hasn't happened yet, and isn't probably likely to in the next few months just stresses you out and makes the whole thing a bigger deal than it needs to be. You may think that you're the only virgin, but I'm sure that that's not right, plus, some people who might not be virgins any more, might acutally regret it. People often brag about things like this cause they think that this is what impresses people, but they're very wrong.
    So, focus on learning about your own body. When you're with people who you find attractive, talk to them in a normal way, try and begin a friendship before you think of moving forward with anything else. There really is no rush
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