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  • CA1234
    4 comments Posted 19 Mar, 2018, 08:36
    CA1234 Hi, so I am 13 turning 14 in a few months and I still have not got my period. I know that everyone is different but I have heard people say that you get your period around 1 year younger or 1 year older than your mum. My mum was 10 when she got hers and I am 13. I also have had breasts for over two years and discharge for over 1 year. I have not however, experienced any symptoms. So basically I need advice on whether I am close to getting it. I hope that wasn't TMI.
  • Libra Girl Nurse
    you can get your period as early as 10 or as later as 15/16 and it's all considered normal. Yes, it's more likely that you'd take after your mum, but it could just be that you take after the women on your dad's side of the family. Your body has shown you that it knows what to do by having breasts and the vaginal mucous, and now, as frustrating as it is, you just have to wait. It will happen
  • gorga101
    Posted 18 Oct, 2018, 06:20
    gorga101  you will get it it's eninvitable and you may like having them or you may not, it takes time and clearly it's on it's way you just have to let it come when it's ready  but alwaqys be sure to carry a pad on you just in case it catches you by surprise
  • erinyie
    Posted 15 May, 2018, 01:59
    erinyie Hey CA1234 i was litterally in the exact same position as you a few months back and i didnt get it till i was 14 honestly i wouldn't worry about . Periods are NOT a lot of fun anyway they are more of an inconvience. It will come when your body is ready
  • Mean Girl
    Posted 05 May, 2018, 02:34
  • gabby923
    Posted 22 Mar, 2018, 11:59
    gabby923 Hi CA1234 I got my period when I was 12 turning 13 and my mum got hers when she was 15 or 16. Don't worry, it will come, frustrating as it is. I remember feeling exactly how you feel since my friends all got theirs when they were 10, 11, or just turned 12.
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