Have I found the one?!
Posted 14 Jan, 2018, 06:26
Ok, here goes nothing. A couple months ago I got a phone call from someone I didn't know back then. I answered and here is this guy saying he wants to kill himself and asking for my sister. Even though I didn't know this guy I started freaking out and asking him why. He said no one cared about him and no one would know he would be gone. I told him "I would know" He didn't say anything after a bit and he hung up. I texted this guy saying "Don't please don't go. I just met you, you can't just talk to someone then leave" He laughed and said "Tell me one good reason why I should stay"
 I said "Me"
A week passed and we were still talking. We were talking about everything and anything. A month passed and he became sad again we talked all night and when we were drifting off to sleep I said  LOVE YOU! and I meant it. He didn't say it back but that was ok. One or two months passed and we started talking about our passed realtionships and how they failed. He said "They were lucky to have you but they didn't deserve you" I stopped breathing right then and there. I told him he was the sweetest person on earth and we said goodbye. One day at school I got a message from him and I smiled it said Hey. can I ask you a question. and I said yeah. He said if I asked you out what would you say and I told him I would say yes. He didn't expect me to say that so he said REALLY?! and I said YES REALLY! Our date is 10/16/17. Everyday after that we talked and said I love you and talked about our future together.
I teased him about getting a farm with lots of animals and he called me crazy. I really truly love him and I beleive he loves me too. Its weird but one day he popped the question. Yes Im serious he did.
He said this exactly Hey, Abbey, If I got down and asked you to be mine forever. What would you say?
I cried that day and told him I would say yes.
He said to me like the other day "I am so glad I called you in October. I feel better when Im with you I feel cared about and loved and I want to show you how much I love you when I can. You have changed my life and I love you so much babe"
Ok he didn't exactly say that but I know thats what he meant. I feel like I have met the one, wouldn't you think so?
  • Uniclaudz7
    Uniclaudz7 I'm not exactley sure if I would trust him, you only met him on the phone!! I would defintley ask an adult that you trust, well, that's my opinion!!
    - Uniclaudz7
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