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Here’s where you ask all those random girly questions you’ve been dying to know the answers to but don’t know who to ask... but before asking check to see if someone else has had the same question in mind...

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Questions and answers

  • QUESTION How do I know when to start wearing deodorant? I don't ever want to smell. I would be soooooo embarrassed!!!
  • ANSWER Hormones to do with puberty are usually the reason perspiration and odour can start becoming noticeable. So it’s often not a bad idea to start thinking about using an anti-perspirant when you around 10 to 12. Just check the label to see that it is actually an anti-perspirant and not just a body spray or deodorant, which doesn’t stop perspiration and odour but instead just mingles with it – yuck!!!
  • QUESTION All of my friends are wearing bras and I don't have one. How do I ask my mum if I can get one?
  • ANSWER If you don’t yet quite need a bra, a crop top is the perfect answer. It gives you the coverage and sense of wearing a bra but without the structure. Crop tops are available at most places you buy your undies and come in lots of cool colours and patterns, as well as plain ones that are ideal for under school uniforms. Perhaps just ask your mum if she could get you a couple for under your uniform next time she’s shopping.
  • QUESTION Are small breasts normal?
  • ANSWER All body parts look different on different people, including breasts. The size of your breasts has to do with your age, your weight, and your genetics. If your mother has small breasts, you’re likely to have small ones too. If you exercise really hard, or if your body doesn’t get enough nutrition, breast growth can be inhibited. Your breasts will keep growing up to the age of about 18.
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