Question and answer
  • QUESTION Are small breasts normal?
  • ANSWER All body parts look different on different people, including breasts. The size of your breasts has to do with your age, your weight, and your genetics. If your mother has small breasts, you’re likely to have small ones too. If you exercise really hard, or if your body doesn’t get enough nutrition, breast growth can be inhibited. Your breasts will keep growing up to the age of about 18.
  • maymay3189
    Posted 21 Jul, 2017, 03:38
    maymay3189 Hun, I am 12 and have HUGE boobs... it sucks. I needed a bra so I just talked to my nan and it helped a million! But if you have a flat chest-be HAPPY! I hate having big boobs, but then again, don't know what it is like to have small ones! So I see where you are coming from... if you are feeling self-conscious, wear to crop tops! Or just stuff them. Hope this helped! 😊
  • maymay3189
    Posted 21 Jul, 2017, 03:38
    maymay3189 Comment has been removed by author
  • Filly
    Posted 06 Jan, 2017, 10:00
    Filly Same-TINY
    My Bff is on to bras and I have this tiny crop top😕
    But in time it will grow (for u to)
  • wehipeihana
    Posted 07 Dec, 2016, 03:51
    wehipeihana Omg thanks heaps for ur surpport!!!!! Ill try these tips :D
  • wehipeihana
    Posted 14 Nov, 2016, 06:57
    wehipeihana All my friends in my friend group all have thier periods!!!! I am 12 and I have only just started puberty and I am worried I will be the only girl in High School. My mum said she got hers at 14 and she was the only girl at school with a flat chest!!!
  • wehipeihana
    Posted 14 Nov, 2016, 06:57
    wehipeihana Comment has been removed by author
  • Kiannaa
    Posted 20 Jun, 2016, 12:19
    Kiannaa If you are a little self conscious of your boobs then you can buy a bra with some padding. Not too much though. Just exercise some and don't forget that you are still beautiful big boobs or not! :)
  • ItsmetawiD
    Posted 18 Apr, 2016, 01:06
    ItsmetawiD Lol i m 14 yr il
  • ItsmetawiD
    Posted 18 Apr, 2016, 01:05
    ItsmetawiD Well what happened to me was when I was 10-11 around there I had no boobs like flat and to me that was a worry like my friends that were 11 had boobs or wore bras. Then I started getting close to PUBERTY and from a flat chest to huge painful boobs my mum even worries for me because my boobs are too big for a 12yr old lol
  • Louclou
    Posted 26 Mar, 2016, 12:36
    Louclou There is a heap of downfalls to having bigger breasts , speaking from personal experience! I always worried about how small i was & wished for bigger faster then all of a sudden when my periods started BOOM they got massive & ever since i have wished to b back to flat chested again! The list goes on of reasons why id rather be flat yet when i think back to b4 they got big i dont recall any logical or reasonable reasons why i was actually wisjong not to be flat other than to look like some of they other girls really & if ya really look around- you are totally not the only one without a huge rack! Ask your close friends how they like having bigger breasts if they do & youll hear that its really not all that :)
  • Tswizzle20
    Posted 03 Jan, 2016, 03:01
    Tswizzle20 I have tiny breast too. Sometimes i get called flat bitch, anarexic and Tit time. All stupid names but i love my body just the way it is and we are all unique just the way we are.
  • watermelon3380
    Posted 23 Oct, 2015, 01:37
    watermelon3380 if you want bigger boobs than wear 2 crop to por bras just make sure the secid bra insn't visible
  • DeletedProfile
    Posted 14 Aug, 2015, 09:42
    DeletedProfile Deleted by author
  • cheerleaderLife
    Posted 07 Nov, 2014, 05:31
    cheerleaderLife perfect <3 xxx dont worry your normal :)
  • Daniela<3
    Posted 22 Mar, 2014, 02:35
    Daniela<3 My boobs arnt growing, is it normal? <3
  • jena533
    Posted 16 Feb, 2014, 08:21
    jena533 its okay you aar elike my aunt . she was 12 and she had a small boobs now she has a  normal one so dont worry we are still young
  • MeiMei101
    Posted 21 Oct, 2013, 08:15
    MeiMei101 All sizes are right!
  • loosiegoosie9
    Posted 29 Sep, 2013, 11:39
    loosiegoosie9 dont worry about your boobs becuase it is not a contest!
  • Ashleyscene
    Posted 29 Apr, 2013, 02:38
    Ashleyscene Sweety if ur aged between 12 to 15 u don't have to worry about ur boobs, they will grow eventually till then u can wear a padded bra if ur mates have bigger boobs then urs.
  • Trinidollgrace
    Posted 09 Mar, 2013, 05:21
    Trinidollgrace You dont want big breasts mine r massive &i hate it
  • Paris <3
    Posted 27 Sep, 2012, 01:21
    Paris <3 They sure are and when you get older they will grow more make sure you do exercises to make them look perkier if you are unhappy about the size :)

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