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  • QUESTION All of my friends are wearing bras and I don't have one. How do I ask my mum if I can get one?
  • ANSWER If you don’t yet quite need a bra, a crop top is the perfect answer. It gives you the coverage and sense of wearing a bra but without the structure. Crop tops are available at most places you buy your undies and come in lots of cool colours and patterns, as well as plain ones that are ideal for under school uniforms. Perhaps just ask your mum if she could get you a couple for under your uniform next time she’s shopping.
  • maymay3189
    Posted 21 Jul, 2017, 03:45
    maymay3189 I really needed a bra... instead of feeling all uncomfortable infront of my mum, I talked to my Nan instead! She agreed with me and said she had been noticeing a few growth spurts in places and that she will come with me and help me pick one out that fits just right! I've been wearing croptops everyday since grade 3 and I am now grade 6! I hope this helped ;)
  • Sam36349
    Posted 05 Jun, 2017, 12:27
    Sam36349 I was given my first bra by my mum as a "gift" and was embarrassed at first that people would notice but now I wear them every day and there super comfy

    Should you wear Bras at night

  • Louclou
    Posted 26 Mar, 2016, 12:44
    Louclou Something to always remember- your mum also once went through this same/similar deliema herself when she was probley your age.. often mums jump in with a bra suggestion b4 you even think about it but if she hasnt yet mentioned one to you perhaps she just hasnt realised just how fast her lil girl is really  growing up & im sure as soon as you mention it she will respond to you with her own memory of her need for her first bra also. Never forget that even tho we are all diffrent- we have all in our own ways gone thru the same growing & development as every other woman. You should never feel ashamed of that :)
  • AlicaMad
    Posted 09 Nov, 2015, 09:38
    AlicaMad I had such problem. All my schoolmates wore bra. I just asked my mom to buy one. And we chose together a perfect bra for me. The quality is world class and the cups holds me just right. Now I feel more comfortable.
  • Chelsea2671
    Posted 25 Oct, 2015, 09:38
    Chelsea2671 I had the same problem as u! Everybody in my grade started teasing me. I got a crop top from a department store and it's good
  • watermelon3380
    Posted 22 Oct, 2015, 12:32
    watermelon3380 will not wearing a crop top at night increase your breast size?
  • DeletedProfile
    Posted 24 Sep, 2015, 12:06
    DeletedProfile Deleted by author
  • Gloombow
    Posted 18 Jul, 2015, 04:31
    Gloombow I remember when I got my first bra, I got so scared when I got fitted, with all the grabbing. Mum mum told me when her and her mum went to the shops she ran out screaming and crying. This was after her dad saw her boobs going crazy while on horse back.
    my parents always told me the less time not wearing a crop top the better but with the amount of stuff that happens I started wearing crop tops early because of the boys.
  • eagle
    Posted 18 Jun, 2015, 09:21
    eagle I remember getting my first bra, I really didn't want one so my mum actually had to trick me into going shopping for one! but now i wear one everyday and they are so comfy and supportive
  • eagle
    Posted 18 Jun, 2015, 09:21
    eagle I remember getting my first bra, I really didn't want one so my mum actually had to trick me into going shopping for one! but now i wear one everyday and they are so comfy and supportive
  • Kittycat19
    Posted 19 May, 2015, 12:11
    Kittycat19 Do u need one???
  • Lavymac1
    Posted 13 Jul, 2014, 06:57
    Lavymac1 my cousin gave me my first bra so if you have an older female cousin you can ask her if she has any old wireless bras that you can have but if you still want to ask your mum just tell her that you think your breasts are developing and im sure she'll take you out to get properly fitted, if you still feel embarrased then tell her that you are not fully comfterble with it all and  she will definartly understand 
    i hope i have helped
  • scout21
    Posted 22 Jun, 2014, 09:02
    scout21 I remember it being really fun going bra shopping for the first time with my mum! Just ask her staright out and explain the situation. She'll understand, and she would have had to go through the same thing when she was your age. Make sure that if you need a bra you get professionally fitted, it makes sure that the bra you are getting is appropriate and supper comfy! x
  • Liddy
    Posted 01 Apr, 2014, 11:21
    Liddy I remembered my sister-in-law bought me a few first small bras years ago then months later my mum bought more medium sized bras because i was in high school.
  • pinkiscute32
    Posted 04 Feb, 2014, 03:19
    pinkiscute32 I agree with all of the other answers. And in most clothing shops you can find sport bras/crop tops. Another option is wearing a soft cup bra, which is like a training bra but with hooks and most of the time with removable padding. So maybe you could wear that without padding and when you really need it you could wear it with padding. That what i think. Oh and if you are too scared to just go up to her and ask you could text her or send her an email. Hope this helped!
  • 12blue
    Posted 24 Jan, 2014, 09:28
    12blue Just start with a crop to or trainer bras and then when you think you are ready move up to bigger sizes. Defintley ask your mum about it next time your in the shop. She will listen to you :)
  • MeiMei101
    Posted 21 Oct, 2013, 08:14
    MeiMei101 It's really no big deal, your mum would've gone through the exact same thing! The easiest way is just to tell her the absolute truth, and just explain what's going on. I'm sure she will understand. I starting wearing one this year, and I had no troubles with all of it, it might just take a bit of time to get use to.
  • miamia44
    Posted 20 Sep, 2013, 09:05
    miamia44 i remember when i needed a bra i was SOOO  nervous to ask my mom.but when i did it really wasnt a big deal.i just said "mom i think i need a bra" and she said "Ok we'll go to a store" and we did.dont be so nervous she had 2go through the same thing,and sooner or later ur gonna need 2ask 4 a bra.i dont see a reason why she would say no.good luck!
  • vallerieg
    Posted 14 Jul, 2013, 06:46
    vallerieg my grandma gave me my first bra, she bought it the found that it was too small for her and gave it to me. but before that i had crop tops and trainer bras, start with them just to get used to having something there to suppot you.
  • Cookiesandcream
    Posted 19 May, 2013, 12:49
    Cookiesandcream I think a crop top is good to wear to school or you can by sports bars which I think are really comfy
  • Meggalump
    Posted 16 Apr, 2013, 08:37
    Meggalump I agree just tell her you were really worried that someone was going to say something one day and you just wanted to avoid that situation so you bought one. Or you could say it was your friend's idea and they thought it would be fun to help you choose your first bra but like the nurse said a crop top will be just as effective.
  • jazzylouise1
    Posted 05 Apr, 2013, 12:36
    jazzylouise1 Plan a shopping date with your girl friends (no parents) at a shopping centre that has a suitable bra shop. Go in and try on some bras to fund your size. If you besties are true friends they will help and give some advice. Then buy one. When you see your mum next say that you bought a bra. That's what I did. She didn't really mind.
  • Rachiieeann
    Posted 04 Feb, 2013, 05:07
    Rachiieeann Start off with a crop top they are much more supportive when you are just starting
    and just say to your mum you feel uncomfortable not having something to cover you
  • DeletedProfile
    Posted 03 Jul, 2012, 10:50
    DeletedProfile Deleted by author

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