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  • QUESTION How do I know when to start wearing deodorant? I don't ever want to smell. I would be soooooo embarrassed!!!
  • ANSWER Hormones to do with puberty are usually the reason perspiration and odour can start becoming noticeable. So it’s often not a bad idea to start thinking about using an anti-perspirant when you around 10 to 12. Just check the label to see that it is actually an anti-perspirant and not just a body spray or deodorant, which doesn’t stop perspiration and odour but instead just mingles with it – yuck!!!
  • Chloelyn14
    Posted 27 Jun, 2018, 11:33
    Chloelyn14 i do put my deonerdant every day
  • Kiannaa
    Posted 20 Jun, 2016, 12:16
    Kiannaa I started wearing deodorant a few months ago and I'm 11. If you are scared to ask here is how I done it: I asked my mum to go to the store with me. ( you can get deodorant almost everywhere ) I walked over to the deodorants and looked at them and my mum came too. I said mum can I get one of these for pe? Because everyone in my class has them. And then my mum said of course! 
    i am scared to ask my mum things but after all they are our mums so we can't really be scared to them can we? Hope I helped xx
  • Viennal
    Posted 06 Jun, 2015, 07:02
    Viennal Hey guys I can give you this advice. Your parents job is to be there for you and to love and protect you. You should not feel embarrassed to tell your parents anything. It is important to be open with them trust them. That is what they are there for. Xx
  • cheerleaderLife
    Posted 07 Nov, 2014, 05:28
    cheerleaderLife i was too embarassed to ask my mum for anything so when i turned 12 my mum just went to the store and bought me pads,deoderant and some sports bras. she gave it to me and explained that i could ask her anything if i was now really close to my mum, and i think 12 is a good age to start wearing it
  • SuperMissMan
    Posted 04 May, 2014, 06:54
    SuperMissMan When you start growing hair, put deodorant on. I think 10 or 11 is about the right age.
  • MeiMei101
    Posted 21 Oct, 2013, 08:10
    MeiMei101 Same with me, anytime is ok just not TOO early. I noticed when I was at dancing and I started to get a bit sweating/smelly.
  • jessisbest86
    Posted 21 Oct, 2013, 08:06
    jessisbest86 I started when I was 8 because I was getting a bit sweaty and so I just asked my mum when we were doing the shopping and passed the deodorant section and she said yes. It isn't really a big deal but you want to be wearing it when you are ten just in case.
  • Liddy
    Posted 01 Oct, 2013, 08:29
    Liddy I started using deodrant when i first got my period :/
  • kingjuliendonkeytaz
    Posted 19 May, 2013, 12:32
    kingjuliendonkeytaz you should when you get itchy under your arms like at least once a day it is a sign of bo
  • brianna11
    Posted 03 Oct, 2012, 11:07
    brianna11 My mum made start wearing deodourent when I was 9!!
  • Kassi_Gloss
    Posted 17 Jul, 2012, 04:34
    Kassi_Gloss ur meant 2 put deodorent on after a shower so u wont smell even before u start having ur period. ive been using deodorent 4 as long as i can remember.
  • kitty3980
    Posted 02 Jul, 2012, 12:24
    kitty3980 Even if you dont smell it is good to get some deodourent so you smell fresh

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