Whether you're crying from laugher or pouring your heart out over your latest crush... your friends are there for the big stuff. But sometimes things aren't so cruisy...perhaps you've started to feel your heart pound faster around a boy who was always just a "friend" or you've had your first fight with your BFF...check out the below for advice and a space to offload all the BF and GF drama in your life!


Frequently asked questions

Introduction text to the section – Friends can sometimes be tricky things... want some help on dealing with an issue? Ask your question... but first check to see if someone else has had the same question in mind..

Dos and Don'ts

…for your first relationship.
  • DO daydream about them – it's normal. But keep your eyes open to reality too!
  • DO yourself a favour and stay away from other girl's boyfriends.
  • DO let yourself get caught up in love when it happens!
  • DO remember that no DO remember that NO relationship is perfect. Stick at it.relationship is perfect, all the time.
  • DON'T be afraid to make the first move. Someone has to do it, why not you?
  • DON'T lose faith if someone breaks your heart. It’ll only make you stronger.
  • DON'T be afraid to be who you are – don’t go changin’.
  • DON'T forget your friends.
  • DON'T you just love it?!

The Expert

Name: Libra Girl Expert

The Libra girl expert is here to answer anything questions you might have in regards to your GFs and BFs. Whether it’s how to deal with a huge fight you’ve had with your BFF or how to tell your crush that you like him...ask away!
You can ask your question to the expert as anonymous but you need to be a Libragirl member to get notifed via email when the expert has answer your question.  or register! As a member you can also share stories, request pep from the Cheer squad and talk in the forum and lots more!)


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