a short blond blue-eyed monster
Posted 04 Feb, 2017, 10:16
<p>well, where should i start. there was a boy in my class who i had a crush on.We sat next to each other in math class. He was annoying towards me but in a cute and lovely way. we are not allowed to talk in class so i wrote note on a piece of paper. I wrote will you go out with me on it. i dropped a pen on the ground and passed the note to him over him lap, so the teacher wouldn't see me passing it. He read it and wrote something on it and passed it back. He wrote 1 word-YES! We were dating for like 2 month when i noticed something was wrong. He wouldn't want to be around me and when i talked to him he shrugged me off. this happened for a couple of weeks. By this time i realised he still loved him ex-girlfriend but, i still had feeling for him. Obviously they weren't as strong as before but they were something. There were rumours going around the class about when he would dump me so i knew already things were over. So at recess one day i was sitting at a table and his ex-girlfriend walks up to me (i knew what was going on).she sat on the other side of the bench smirking. I said "i said what you want, tell me or leave me alone". and just like that she said "you and him are over he loves me and never loved you". i got up from the bench. I had mixed feelings. I asked where he was, but she didn't tell me. So i went to go and look. i found him and he saw me and started to fun away from me. He went around a corner and my brother was there and put out his arm and he feel over on his back. i stood there furious now! "YOU BALL-LESS PRICK.YOU PATHETIC BOY, WHY THE HELL DID YOU GET YOUR EX-GIRLFRIEND TO END 'US', YOU JUST SHOWED ME I SHOULD NEVER OF DATED YOU!!!!!!" i yelled. he just laid there staring at he me. he was going to say something but i didn't want to hear it and kicked dirt at him. I went and sat on the oval. Even though i was angry i sat there crying and overwhelmed. But i had good friends who comforted me. A year later and we are defiantly over. He has been through 4 girlfriends after me and i can never forget what he did but, i do still can imagine what we could of been if he wasn't a self-less prick.</p>
  • samtw2
    samtw2 That is a very nice story. How long did it take you to get over it?
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