Almost incest....
Posted 22 Aug, 2012, 09:06
So, there I was at the christmas party. There's a really hot guy standing in the corner. We start talking. He asks me out. I say yes. Then my gran comes over to us and says to me, 'Oh so I see that you've met your cousin!' AWKWARD MUCH!!!!! BTW, not lizie.kate writing here. just her friend.
  • God
    God Comment has been removed by author
  • DeletedProfile
    DeletedProfile Deleted by author
  • lay-cee
    lay-cee haha classic. like a moive (;
  • unimerfairy
    unimerfairy OMG awkward much
  • ak_123
    ak_123 omg so funny lol i yhink thts so embro but its funny
    JANNA ummm wow!!! hey, you could always tell him you were disorientated due to someone mixing alcohol with your drink! worth a shot!! HHAHAHAHAHA :)
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    DeletedProfile Deleted by author
  • Lovinlaura
    Lovinlaura ohhh thats really awkward!!!
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